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Choosing Islam

  About Us


The Message of Islam is an umbrella organization for online Islamic Information and Propagation.
This website aims to present Islam to English speaking non-Muslims around the world. The written materials section aims to serve a wide variety of readers through academic, professional, traditional expository and creative writings. With the support of several professional writers and intellectuals, we hope to provide a sturdy backbone of informed exposition addressing Islam in relation to topics of interest to Non-Muslims.  
We believe that with the help of modern technological and communication tools there is an opportunity to enhance awareness and knowledge leading to a better and deeper understanding, appreciation and tolerance in our rapidly shrinking global village.
We at the Message of Islam, strive to provide you with a comprehensive website with all the information you may need about Islam, its origin, its teachings, its history and its people.
At the same time, we aim for credibility in content, distinction in design, and a sharp and balanced vision of humanity and current events. We aim to adopt the middle ground of Islam, avoiding fanaticism or negligence, rejecting deviant, eccentric or extreme opinions.
Our overall goal is to become a reference for everything that deals with Islam. A website whose content, information, and ideas are presented professionally to gain the distinction that will make it credible and attractive.


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