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As-Samad is one of the names of Allah. It is one of those names or attributes with more than one connotation in its meaning. It is such that when you use, it is no way separable from some inevitably attached meanings.




As-Samad in Arabic originates from the root "samd", which implies eternity; self-sufficiency; One to whom others turn; perfectness without blemish; etc. These brought together make the meaning of the attribute As-Samad. Therefore, As-Samad connotes: the Eternal, the Ever Lasting, the Self-Sufficient, the One besought by all, He Who satisfies every need, the Perfect Unblemished, the Ever-Firm unaffected unchanged…




As human beings, we sometimes just don't know where to turn. We have uncountable needs and aspirations, wants and hopes. We plan, work and strategize and get confused on the way. In certain circumstances, we just need someone to talk to. At times as if the world is turning upside down on us. In fact, we sometimes practically need shelter from the storm of life and its worries. And when we get to know and understand the attributes and Names of Allah, we will realize that this is exactly why Allah called and named Himself as-Samad.




As-Samad has many meanings implied whenever it is used, but most important here is how we relate to Him. You recognize Him, in this Name of His, to be Eternal. This implies that He has been in existence and will ever remain, without a beginning and no end. After that He bears the quality of self sufficiency i.e. possesses all He needs and needs nothing from elsewhere. Thereafter, the same Name has within the folds of its meaning "He that All turns to". Then He is the Perfect, Firm unchanged.  What a perfect conglomeration within a name. in these collection, you will realize three major categories of qualities embedded in this attribute:




1. Self-Sufficient: He needs nothing and is has all He needs in abundance.


2. The One every other thing turns to: This means every other thing that exists, like human beings, animals, Jinns or any other creature, are not self sufficient. Rather, they turn to a perfect Being Who is Self Sufficient.


3.The Perfect and Firm: These connote that He is firm I His decisions, actions, commands, etc. Nothing shakes Him or makes Him change His mind, and even if He does decide to change, He does in the best manner as befits His Perfect Being. Secondly He is wholesomely perfect. He never cheats, deceives, or does anything except that it is the most appropriate thing to do.




When you get to see Allah, through His attribute As-Samad, then turning to Him gives you a kind of joy and happiness that cannot be expressed with words.  This was why most of our righteous ancestors never asked anyone apart from Allah no matter the difficulties they may be in. To this effect, our Prophet (peace be upon him) in one of his statements and advice to one of his companions, said: {…whenever you ask for a request, ask Allah; and whenever you seek assistance, seek from Allah…} [Tirmidhi]




In history, when the people of Mecca asked the Prophet (peace be upon him) to describe to them his Lord. Allah revealed the surah of Ikhlas to him, as answer to their quest. So when the people of Mecca were being told who Allah was, His being As-Samad was mentioned. Why would this be mentioned out of all His attributes? Because essentially what you need to know is that Allah is One and Unique (Ahad), and also that He is As-Samad, the Eternal Refuge, that One who is our means and our end. We go to Him for our desires and needs. This is sincerity (ikhlas), which the surah was named. The Prophet (peace be upon him) told us that surah al-Ikhlas is equal to a third of the Qur’an [Muslim].




We all have hopes and wishes—marriage, good home, good children, sustenance, peace of mind, success in career, etc. And we ask Allah for them. We turn to Him in good and bad, for needs and for desires. And don’t think that the One who has named himself as-Samad will let you down.  The life of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is a clear example of how to call upon Allah and depend solemnly on Him Alone. His journey to Taif, the ordeal of the companions when they newly came to Medina, in migration, and all fell ill with serious fever, and many more. In all the Prophet (peace be upon him) turned to no other one but Allah. He even has a nice prayer he recited mostly. It contains these words: {If You are not angry with me, I do not care, only that Your Favor is more expansive a relief to me.}




The Prophet, our Model, has displayed it all. Turn to Allah and He will never forsake you. Make use of His selected Names and Attributes in invoking Him, you shall see Him waiting for you at the door.


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