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A Summarized chart of the major beliefs in Christianity and Islam


Below is a collected chart on the major beliefs in both Christianity and Islam. This is to make easy referencing to them.[1]

Beliefs & Doctrine



Ultimate reality

Three-in-one, Trinity (but explained to be one creator God)

one Creator God (called Allah in Arabic)

Nature of God

Trinity - one substance, three persons

unity - one substance, one entity

Other spiritual beings

angels and demons

angels, jinn, demons 

Revered humans

saints, church fathers, endless self-proclaimed prophets

Prophets (ended with Muhammad), but there are learned scholars who inherited the legacy of Prophet Muhammad

Identity of Jesus

Son of God, God incarnate, savior of the world

true prophet of Allah to the Creation including Jinn and Mankind 

Birth of Jesus

virgin birth

virgin birth

Death of Jesus

death by crucifixion

did not die, but ascended with his body and spirit into heaven (another person was made to look like him that they eventually killed)

Resurrection of Jesus


denied, since he did not die

Second Coming of Jesus



Mode of divine revelation

through endless Holy Ghost inspiration to anyone who proclaims so, Jesus (as God Himself) as recorded in Bible

through Angel Jibril to Muhammad, recorded in Al-Qur'an

Human nature

"original sin" inherited from Adam

has the natural will or ability to choose between good and evil (or do either of them)

Means of salvation

correct belief, faith, good deeds, sacraments (some Protestants emphasize faith alone)

correct belief (monotheism), good deeds

God's role in salvation

predestination, various forms of grace

Predestination, various forms of grace

Good afterlife

eternal heaven

eternal paradise

Bad afterlife

eternal hell, temporary purgatory (Catholicism)

eternal hell, temporary punishment according to incurred sins

View of the other religion

Muhammad is not seen as a true prophet (so can make mockery of him any how), thus Islam is not respected as a true religion

Christians are respected as "People of the Book," but have a corrupt Bible, Jesus is a true Prophet of God and must never be spoken ill of in any way

Sacred text

Bible = Old Testament (Jewish Bible) + New Testament


Inspiration of sacred text

views vary: literal Word of God, inspired human accounts, or of human origin only

literal Word of God

Status of biblical prophets

Acclaimed to be true prophets (but all did lots of different immoralities)

true prophets (divinely protected and best of examples for mankind. They do not commit any immoralities)



[1] ) this chart originated from http://www.religionfacts.com


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