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There are numerous mistakes which women especially commit while carrying out their Hajj rites among which is attending the Hajj without a Mahram (legitimate guardian) with the excuse of being in the midst of other women. This is very incorrect in view of the Hadith narrated by Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with both of them) who said: "I heard the Messenger of Allah while delivering a Khutbah (sermon) saying that: The woman must not travel except with her Mahram (legitimate guardian). Then a man said to him: My wife went out (alone) out of necessity, and I was subscribed for so and so battle. The prophet (peace be upon him) then said: Go and perform Hajj with your wife". (Transmitted by Al-Bukhari)

Likewise, it has been noticed that some women in their menstrual or postnatal bleeding periods do not make intention to get into the state of Ihram while passing through the Meeqaat, and the prophet (peace be upon him) had commanded that the women in postnatal bleeding periods should bath and use a pad, and then make the intention (i.e. come into the state of Ihram) for the Hajj or Umrah while in the Meeqaat. And that she should observe all the Hajj and Umrah rites apart from the Tawaf (circumambulation around the Ka'abah) until she is clean and has stopped bleeding. This comes in the Hadith narrated by Jaabir about the manner of the prophet's Hajj (peace be upon him) in the book of Imam Muslim that: We got to Dhul-Hulaifah (the Meeqat of the people of Madinah), and Asmaa Bint Umais put to bed Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr. She sent a word to the prophet (peace be upon him) inquiring about what to do. And the prophet (peace be upon him) said: Take a bath and use a cloth as a pad, and take the Ihram (intention to begin Hajj or Umrah rites).

Among these common mistakes is the belief of some women that they must not wear except black or green clothes, and that it is obligatory to do so. This is incorrect. The woman puts on any cloth of her choice as her Ihram attire in so far as it is not with decorations and far from being flaunt or indecent, relying on the Hadith reported by Al-Baihaqi in Sunan Al-Kubra that the mother of the believers Aishah (may Allah be pleased with her) said: The female pilgrim wears  whatever she likes (in as much as it is decent and covers her properly) except that which has been touched with perfume, and she must not cover her face (neither fully or partially with the Burqa' (Head scarf) or Niqab). But she could let a piece of cloth fall over the face if she likes. Sheikh Al-Albani said in his book Al-Irwaa: the chain of narrators is sound.

Similarly is the case when some women take the Ihram while still putting on their hand gloves. This is mostly borne out of ignorance because the prophet (peace be upon him) prohibited the female pilgrim from wearing gloves when he said: "The female pilgrim should not wear the Niqab and hand gloves." Transmitted by Al-Bukhari. this is in addition to other mistakes which include; some women do not engage in the Talbiyah (the chorus being recited while in the state of Ihram carrying out the rites), or raising their voices while reciting the chorus. The right thing to do is that only those by her side should hear her voice. Also, some women enter into the Grand Mosque in Makkah while in their menstrual or postnatal bleeding periods. This is prohibited and not allowed. Some of them in the same condition go to circumambulate the Ka'abah, and this is highly prohibited and the rite of circumambulation is void and not acceptable from them. Also, the practice of some women who open their faces, necks or chests while doing the Tawaf (circumambulation) which goes a long way in distracting or calling the attention of men and could lead to destroying their acts of worship. Such women have sinned and become culpable of spoiling the worship of others.

The same is the case when women overcrowd around and intermingle with men in Tawaf, not minding a man getting stuck or clung to them. This is an abomination and great corruption. Also is the insistence of some women to kiss the black stone notwithstanding the heavy crowd which will lead her to intermingling with men, committing a sin and attracting the anger of Allah. Some women also climb onto the mountains of Safa and Marwah, whereas she is supposed to return at the bottom of the mountains. Women engaging in the brief jogging while doing the Tawaf. This is not prescribed for women because it could lead them to exposing part of their nakedness to men, and that becomes great corruption in Hajj. And finally is the case of women who expose their hairs in the front of men and the cutting of  more or less than a fingertip length from their hair! All these are wrong, including them sleeping (in intermixed scenarios) along the streets and under the overhead bridges, exposing themselves in front of men while asleep or eating. All these are prohibited and more emphatically during the Hajj.


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