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Do they not Ponder the Qur'an?-3


Reciting deliberately is one of the keys to meditation. At-Tirmizhy transmitted a tradition which he graded Sahih (Sound) that Ummu Salamah described the recitation of the prophet (blessings and peace of Allâh bee upon him) that it was an illustrated recitation, letter by letter. This is similar to the saying of Anas according to Al-Bukhary's narration that the recitation of the prophet (blessings and peace of Allâh bee upon him) was in a dilated form.

Ibn Mulaikah further said: When I traveled in the company of Ibn Abbaas he used to pray half of the night. He would recite the holy Qur'aan letter by letter and then he would weep until his sob is heard.


Reflect on the Qur'aan to know its meaning! Ponder it from the beginning to the end. Recite it with meditation and prudence and the desire to benefit and act upon its meanings. Don't recite while the mind is inattentive. Recite it with a conscientious mind and ask the people of knowledge about that which you are in doubts even though most of the Qur'aan by the grace of Allâh is clear to both the laymen and notables provided that they understand the Arabic Language.

Ibn Baaz

Formal Legal Opinions of Ibn Baaz, vol. 9, pp. 25.

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