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The Glorious Qur'an is an amazing and perfectly packed all-encompassing sacred Book. It touches all aspects of human life. The civil, political, social, individual, private, scholarly, war, friendship, religious, the hereafter et al.


In same way, it provided protection for both the human ideology and homes. To this effect, it has taken some approaches, amongst which are:

Protection of homes: In different ways did the Qur'an protect our homes. It made sure our homes are well fortified from both within and without. Some of these approaches are:

  • Protecting the Lineage: The Qur'an forbade immoralities and illegal sexual intercourse. It doesn't stop at mere saying it, rather did it proffer a stiffer solution by prescribing punishment for those caught in the act. With this in place, the home is surly protected from a mixture of progeny that one cannot beat his or her chest to claim are all his. It protects the family members, especially the father and mother from the psychological trauma coming to know his so-called-child was actually another man's, or her coming to know that her husband has a number of children for mistresses on known outside there. The peace this leaves the general society is also of great importance.
  • Security: The Qur'an has granted security measures for the homes from the onset. One is not permitted to enter another's home without due permission. Allah says:

ﯯ  ﯰ   ﯱ  ﯲ  ﯳ  ﯴ  ﯵ  ﯶ  ﯷ  ﯸ   ﯹ  ﯺ  ﯻ  ﯽ  ﯾ  ﯿ  ﰀ  ﰁ     

Translated as: "O you who believe! Enter not houses other than your own, until you have asked for permission and greeted those in them; that is better for you, in order that you may remember" (An-Nur: 27)


  • Individual Privacy: The Qur'an even went on to provide internal privacy for individual members of the family. No excuse anyone has to bump into another member of the family in their private rooms within the family home if not for the usual hours known for meeting one another or in which an individual does not normally require some privacy. Even the kids and one's own slaves are not spared out. Allah says:

ﮬ  ﮭ    ﮮ   ﮯ         ﮰ  ﮱ  ﯓ   ﯔ  ﯕ  ﯖ  ﯗ  ﯘ   ﯙ   ﯚ  ﯜ   ﯝ    ﯞ  ﯟ     ﯠ  ﯡ  ﯢ   ﯣ    ﯤ        ﯥ  ﯦ  ﯧ  ﯨ  ﯪ  ﯫ  ﯬ   

Translated as: "O you who believe! Let your slaves and those among you who have not come to the age of porverty ask your permission on three occasions: before Fajr, and while you put off your clothes for noonday (rest) and after the Isha (late-night) prayer. These three times are privacy for you…" (An-Nur: 58)


Protection of Ideology: Islam has also put measures to protecting the ideologies. Some of these are:

  • Freedom of Religion: A religion is nothing but a conglomeration of ideologies, beliefs and then application. An ideology that one does not believe in is not yet a religion for him. Or that he believes in it but does not practice it, then it is a failed religion. But if one puts into practice that which he believes in, he is taking such a religion. However, Allah stated in the Qur'an that no compulsion in religion. This means that everyone is entitled to their opinions and ideologies. Although, there will be accountability for all our beliefs and actions. In this way, the individual ideologies are divinely protected. No one has the right to enforce on another what he may not be willing to follow.


  • Obeying and Following Divine Teachings: For one to have the best of ideologies and right decisions, he has to allow the divine guidance of Allah help control his thinking. This is because there are both the good and bad out there. Not all that glitters on our sight that is gold. Many good looking ideologies are actually the worst things that could happen to one. Thus, allowing the divine guidance help direct our ideologies will do us a great deal of being on the right track all the time. Allah says:

ﭑ  ﭒ         ﭓ  ﭔ    ﭕ  ﭖ  ﭗ  ﭘ  ﭙ  ﭚ  ﭛ  ﭜ   ﭝ  ﭞ  ﭟ  ﭠ  ﭢ  ﭣ  ﭤ  ﭥ  ﭦ    ﭧ  ﭨ     ﭩ   

Translated as: "It is not of a believer, man or woman, when Allah and His Messenger have degreed a matter that they should have any opinion in their decision. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed strayed into a plain error." (Al-Ahzab: 36)


  • Relating with the knowledgeable: In the strive to make sure one protects his ideology and decisions as much as possible, the Qur'an has stipulated that in a situation where one finds himself in a confusing conflict of ideologies, he better relate the matter to those who know. These people of knowledge will in turn explain matters and give the best of directives.

ﮊ  ﮋ  ﮌ  ﮍ   ﮎ     ﮏ  ﮐ  ﮑ  ﮒ  ﮔ  ﮕ  ﮖ     ﮗ  ﮘ  ﮙ   ﮚ  ﮛ  ﮜ  ﮝ  ﮞ  ﮟ  ﮡ  ﮢ   ﮣ  ﮤ  ﮥ  ﮦ     ﮧ  ﮨ  ﮩ

Translated as: "When there comes to them some matter touching (public) safety or fear, they make it known (among the people); if only they had referred it to the Messenger or to those charged with authority among them, the proper investigators would have understood it from them (directly). Had it not been the Grace and Mercy of Allah upon you, you would have followed Satan, except a few of you." (An-Nisa': 83)

He also said:

ﭚ  ﭛ   ﭜ   ﭝ  ﭞ               ﭟ  ﭠ  ﭡ 

Translated as: "…so ask of those who know, if you know not." (An-Nahl: 43)

From the above few points, it is clear that Islam as in the Qur'an strives to protect our homes and ideologies as much as possible. This, of course, is one of such very unique features of our great religion of Islam.


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