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Allâh said: (translated as):

And (remember) when Ibrâhim (Abraham) said, "My Lord, make this city (Makkah) a place of security and provide its people with fruits, (Al-Baqaarah: 126)


Reflect over the strong correlation between security and sustenance and between terror and hunger. You will find it invariable in the whole Qur'aan. This goes to stress the importance and obligation of preserving peace and security. It is due to the great evil consequences of their absence in the lives and worships of people, their physical and mental stability. Is there is any pleasure in a life and act of worship that have been overtaken by fear and terror? Rather the world and all religious projects become retarded. Meditate on Surah Al-Quraish you will discover that very evident.

Prof. Naasir Al-'Umar.


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