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Dwuba'ah bint A'mir bn Kurt bin Salamah bin Kushayr bin Ka'b bin Rabi'ah bin A'mir bin Sa'sahah. She embraced Islam in Makkah. She was among the first people that assisted the Prophet(peace be upon him) against his enemies.


She was first married to Abdullah bin Jad'aan, and he divorced her. Then, she married to Hisham bin Al-Mugeerah, and she had one son, Salamah from him. She was very bulky and handsome woman. She was among the beautiful ladies of Arab and she was of high standard of character.


It was narrated that the prophet(peace be upon him) proposed to marry her through her son, Salamah. When Salamah took permission from Dwuba'ah and told the prophet(peace be upon him) that he had taken permission, the prophet(peace be upon him) did not reply.


This narration if it was authentic shows that the prophet(peace be upon him) did not marry her but wanted, because Imam Al-Haythami said in his book(Majmahu Az-Zawaahid) that all the narrations on this matter  were not authentic.


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