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Eminent Female Companions of Prophet Muhammad-Kabshah bint Rafi' Al-Ansariyyah


Kabshah bint Rafi' Ibn Muawiyyah Ibn Ubayd Ibn Al-Abjar Khadr Al-Ansariyyah. Her mother was Ar-rabi'i bint Maalik Ibn A'amir Fuhayrah Ibn Bayaadah. K


Kabshah was the mother of the noble companion and master of martyrs of Islam, Sa'd Ibn Muadh that the prophet(peace be upon him) said on him: "The Throne (of Allah) shook at the death of Saad bin Muadh." Through another group of narrators, Jabir added, "I heard the Prophet : saying, 'The Throne of the Beneficent shook because of the death of Saad bin Muadh."


She married to Muadh Bin Al-Nu'man Ibn Imr'I Al-Qaos Ibn Zayd Ibn Abdul-Ash'al and she had five children from him, among them is Za'd Ibn Muadh.


When Ahl-Al-Uqbah gave allegiance to the prophet(peace and Allah's blessing be upon him) and went back to their people, the prophet(peace be upon him) sent Mushab Ibn Umayr with them to teach them the Qur'an and the Sunnah, and call the people of Yathrib(Madinah) to Islam. Then, Usayd Ibn Al-hudayr, and Sa'ad Ibn Muadh accepted Islam, and non of Muadh did not come into evening that day till they both accepted Islam.


On this day, Kabshah accepted Islam, and the faith touched her heart cover, and she felt that happiness flooded her heart, and her house became headquarters for Islamic preaching.
On the day of migration of the prophet(peace be upon him) from Makkah to Madinah, Kabshah went out and moved towards the prophet(peace be upon him), while the prophet was on his horse, and  Sa'd said: O prophet of Allah! look at my Mummy, and the prophet(peace be upon him) replied; she are welcome.
She gave allegiance to the prophet(peace be upon him) when she embrace Islam, and she had very great effects in the history of women companions of Islam.  History has reported many circumstances which made her among the best and the first women companions of the prophet(peace be upon him).
She had many faithful stances which also pointed to her great patience and her striving in Allah's cause.  She was among those women companions who came out after the battleof Uhud  for just to look after the safety of the prophet(peace be upon him) when the information of martyrdom of many companions reached Madinah and while her son- Amr was among them . She did not concern for anything except for the safety of the prophet(peace be upon him). She quickly went to the battle field to find the prophet, and when she knew of his safety, she gave thanks to Allah, and she considered her affliction on her son's death as a little matter. 
May Allah, the exalted be pleased with her.  

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