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(AA): 12 Rohingya Muslim refugees fleeing Myanmar army violence in Rakhine State, died as their boat capsized off coast of Bangladesh Monday.


The boat carrying Rohingya Muslims capsized at Shar Porir DWIP southern tip of Bangladesh. Most of the 12 killed and scores missing are children.


Sixty Rohingya Muslims died last month in another boat capsize. Rohingyans continue to suffer human rights abuses in Myanamr. Starvation caused by Myanmar’s military and government restrictions will cause a new wave of Rohingyas escaping to Bangladesh.


More than a quarter million Rohingyas left Burma and will confront a wide range of human rights violations, such as forced labour, extortion, and harassment.


Thousands more will leave their hometowns and face harder conditions in the coming days and weeks.

Crops are ready to harvest and those remaining in the area are prospective nominees of forced labour since the Rohingya farmers left the state.


The Rohingya still in Burma now face extortion by the military to buy the livestock stolen from the Rohiinya who have fled. The cost now is triple the market value and the threat of arrest for refusing also frightens the people.


In a village called Oolaphay many homes were destroyed near the security posts, Rakhine mobs accompanied by the military burned them in Maungdaw three days ago.


President of the Burmese Rohingya Organisation in United Kingdom said, “Rohingya are now being starved out of Burma and unless real pressure is put on the government and military to lift aid and movement restrictions most of the Rohingya left in Burma will be forced out within weeks.”

“The military and government have ignored the United Nations Security Council.”



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