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I do not know where he came from.. perhaps he ascended a mountain or he descended from it.. perhaps he landed on a valley or he takes care of sheep.. I do not know.. but he was tired walking heavily.. pulling his heavy body towards the ka’abah.. where he rested his heavy body on the stone.. and fell into a very deep sleep.. he heard in his deep sleep someone calling him from a far distance.. saying to him: “dig Taybah” (one of the names of Zamzam).. Abdul Muttalib did not give him chance.. he hurried and asked him: what is Taybah?.. there was no answer.. and silence took over, and the caller disappeared without a response. On the next day.. Abdul Muttalib came to the same place where he slept hoping to get an explanation of his dream.  Once he plunged into his slumber he heard that hidden voice calling him again saying to him: “dig Barrah”(one of the names of Zamzam). Abdul Muttalib said: “I said: what is Barrah? After which the man went away, on the following day I returned to the same place and slept there.. the man came to me and said: “dig Zamzam”. I asked him: what is Zamzam? The man replied: you will never regret and will never be blamed, you will provide Water for the Great Pilgrims, it is between what comes out the belly of the animal and the blood, at the click of the crow, at the ants village.. when clarified it for Abdul Muttalib, and showed it place, he realized that the man told him the truth, he went with his pickaxe and his son Alharith was with him, at that time he had no child except Alharith.. he dug at the place, when Abdul Muttalib began to see water he proclaim Allah is the Greatest. Then the Quraish men realized that he has achieved what he wanted.. they rose up to him.

They said: O Abdul Muttalib, it is our father’s well, Ismael, we have rights on it.. so join us together with you in it..

Abdul Muttalib said: I will not do it, I have been personally specified in this matter and it was given to me from amongst you. They said: be just with us, we will not leave you until we dispute with you in this matter.

Abdul Muttalib said: call anyone you want to judge between us I will be ready. They said: we shall go to the priestess of Bani Sa’ad Hudthaim. Abdul Muttalib said: Ok. This priestess was in the nearby villages of (Sham) Seria. Abdul Muttalib journeyed, and some members of Bani Umayyah journeyed with him, each tribe produces a member to take part on the journey. They left while the earth was at that time a desert, on their way the water Abdul Muttalib and his friends had got finished, they thirsted until they were sure of death, they beg for water from the others who were with them but they refused. They said we are in the desert.. We fear for ourselves, that which happened to you.

Abdul Muttalib said: I suggest that each one of us should dig his own grave now with little strength left with us, so that if anyone dies his friends will just push him into the hole and cover him up, until there is only one person left, for us to lose one man is better than to lose the entire group. They said: what a great idea! So each one of them dug his own grave, they sat down waiting to die out of thirsty.      

That was a very bad idea, it is a slow suicide, caused by that dispute and tightness that have no justification other than the love power and fame among those Arabs.

Abdul Muttalib realized that it is a bad idea and shouted to his friends who have already lied down in their holes: “By Allah, sending ourselves to death with our bare hands without moving around searching and without finding for ourselves; is a disability.. Allah might provide us with water in some of these countries: move around!

They moved, as Abdul Muttalib stroke his camel to stand, a spring of sweet water burst out from under it, Abdul Muttalib proclaimed saying: Allah is the greatest, his friends proclaimed with him, then he came down and drank, and his friends also drank, they filled all their jugs with water. Then he called the other Quraish tribes who were looking at them throughout these situations.

He said to them: come to the water, Allah has provided us with it, they came, drank and filled their jugs too. Then they said: for sure you have won against us, by Allah we will never dispute with you on Zamzam, the one who gave you this water in this wild desert is the very one who gave Zamzam, go back to your water in peace, so he returned and they returned with him, and they did not reach the priestess, and he was left with Zamzam without any interference”. (see: Ibn katheer 1/167, Dalail an-Nubuwwah 1/93, Taqreeb at-Tahdtheeb 2/363).

Abdul Muttalib returned with Allah’s judgment and not with the judgment of the priestess and her mumblings.. Allah brought back to life with a spring cold water those bodies that were crawling in their graves.. and they were led by Abdul Muttalib’s camel to Makkah carrying some water with them and submitting to Abdul Muttalib’s right and leadership. He is now in control of the Zamzam water.. the well of his one of his forefathers Ismael peace be upon him.




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