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A Ghanaian student who converted to Islam and studies in Turkey is now introducing his religion to the pagan-dominated areas of his country during his summer break.

Groupore said he grew up in Ghana's rural area along with his six siblings and his father, who used to be a leading figure in the pagan faith of the area.

After the death his father, his mother and siblings converted to Christianity, and later they moved to his elder sister's place in the Ghanian capital Accra to pursue their education in schools.

He said: “he converted to Islam under the influence of his friends at his school”.

He said: “The things that impressed me the most were the Azan [Muslim call of prayer] and the Quran; they felt like beautiful songs. “I used to tell my Muslim friends that their songs were amazing. But they told me it's the Quran, not a song but I never understood and kept saying it is a beautiful song.

The other thing that impressed me was the Muslim fasting season; they used to do good things to me during the month of Ramada before I became a Muslim”.

I used to ask them: 'I am not a Muslim, why are you guys doing me such a favor?' The parents of my friends would share their meals with me too during Iftar [the time when Muslims break their fasts at the end of the day. “By then my young mind told me ‘I want to be a Muslim too'."

"After I became a Muslim, I continued to go to the church with my sister and when we came back from the church I offered the noon prayer [Zuhoor] in the house”.

Speaking about the education at Imam Hatip High School, Groupore said: "Here students from different countries of the world are studying together in the International Imam Hatip High School.

Studying here gives us a chance to meet different people of different backgrounds and gain the international Muslim community’s consciousness.

“We learned that we need to be beneficial not only for ourselves but also for the whole Islamic world. Personally, the Quran, the Hadith [sayings of Prophet Muhammad] and lessons we get here are helping me greatly with the [preaching] activities we have conducted in Ghana."

"In fact, the TDV has expanded my horizons. I learned what the real Islam means in Turkey. My academic life was about to end, the TDV scholarship saved me."

When we go to the villages, we first contact the tribal leaders and tell them we are there with an intention of introducing Islam.

“The villages we went were dominantly pagans. We sometimes told them 'we don't need money, food or anything from you'.



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