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He Was Dreaming of Ten and a Sacrificial.

The draw between Abdullah and a one hundred camels:

Abdul Muttalib turned and saw the people looking at him.. They love him, dignify him and have him in their hearts.. He turned again and again.. And looked behind him but could not see except his son Alharith.. He then raised his head towards the sky talking to the One Who created it, the One Who brought him honor and glory.. To give him peace of mind by providing Alharith with brothers, he continued with supplication upon supplication.. Talking to the people around him.. Making them be witness he said to them that; he has vowed that if he gets ten sons he will slaughter one of them, so Allah justified his wish for him, when the ten was complete he made a draw among them to know which one of them he should slaughter, the draw fell on Abdullah Ibn Abdul Muttalib – who was the most beloved to Abdul Muttalib.

Abdul Muttalib said: “O’ Allah either him or one hundred camels”. He then made another draw between Abdullah and the one hundred camels the draw fell on the camels.

Allah surely gives without expecting a return.. He provides for who He wants with no measurement.. He was not in need of the blood of the small boy.. but his father made it difficult for himself and Allah justified it on him.. So He Allah stroke him on the dearest of his sons to him and nothing could save him from his predicament except one hundred camels.. He snatched that little child away from the knife so that he will live the remaining short life.. Carved in history as long as the mountains remained fastened and the earth remained stable.

Adullah’s Marriage to Aminah bint Wahab:

Abdullah the humble child grew in the heart of Abdul Muttalib.. He became a man without been known of carelessness or foolishness by his people.. As if I can see him a calm, quiet and contemplating person.. Full of anticipation.. There is nothing in his life that stimulates.. He was just like the world around him waiting and waiting.. Searching for the one to be his wife in the houses of Makkah and asking.. Aminah the daughter of Wahab the son of Abd Manaf was his beloved.. And she was the answer.

They got married.. There was love.. Their small house was filled with happiness.. And the tender enduring youth filled with a bright and spacious life.. Filled with spring, children and beauty..

Abdullah’s death:

This young man never knew that destiny is stronger than him.. and stronger than the ransom paid by his father on his head.. He never knew that those thoughts playing in his mind were for others.. They were for the world as a whole.. As for him a dark cloud is about to cover his small house.. Full of sorrows, tears and mourning.. Abdullah who escaped death with one hundred camels is advancing towards it on one of the camels.. He climbed on his riding camel and went towards Yathrib(Madinah).. Where death was awaiting him to be buried in one of its graveyards.. Far away from Abdul Muttalib.. Far away from Makkah.. Far away from the depressed Aminah.. Who was pregnant with Abdullah’s trust and dreams.. A child who became an orphan before seeing this world.

The Makkans were asking: Is it true that Abdullah is dead?

As if I can see Abdul Muttalib the news has made him lost his senses asking those coming from Madinah one by one.. Confronting their caravans.. Holding on the ropes of their horses and camels.. Hoping to hearing a falsification of what he has heard.. May be one of the travellers will shout on his face and say to him: Be pleased for Abdullah did not die, he is still alive.. And he is coming to you..

But the silence of the caravans was carrying the last breath of Abdullah bidding farewell to this world.. Bidding farewell to Abdul Muttalib.. Making the old man in grief suppressing his burnings between his muscles.. Trying to conceive his sorrows but his eyes uncovered them with tears in front of Aminah who was shocked with the news.. Crying her love who died away from her.. And left her at the time she was yearning for his return.. Longing for his return carrying along with him love, gifts and stories of the journey.

Confusion and speechlessness filled Makkah in grief of the death of Abdullah..

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