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The Nursing and Suckling of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

Aminah his mother was the first who breast fed the Prophet Muhammad the orphan.. A woman called Umm Aiman by the name of Barakah the daughter of Th'alabah bin 'Amr helped her in nursing him.. There was a third woman who took part in breast feeding him, she was his uncle Abu Lahab's maid, her name is Thuwaibah. "Thuwaibah did breast fed the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and also breast fed Abu Salamah bin Abdul Asad Al-Makhzumi". (Agreed upon).

This was at the beginning.. And after some time Makkah was overwhelmed with a group of women from the nearby villages looking for provision through breastfeeding the Quraish newborn babies.. Their feet were competing to the doors of those who will pay more.. Perhaps  the door of Abdul Muttalib used to be one of the doors of kindness that fill the hands with money.. And perhaps he was so poor that he was unable to compete with others for his grandson to be chosen and selected freely by one of those breast feeding women.. Perhaps there was nothing in Aminah's house that will attract the women to go there.. So, a bitter orphan hood and a painful poverty combined together on him.

At last Muhammad the orphan ended up in the hands of Halimah As-S'adiyyah.. She felt passion and love for him and took him with her so that he will be breast fed in the homes of Bani S'ad bin Bakr the people and relations of Halimah.. It was there that Muhammad began to grip.. and then began to stand by his feet.. And began to say out some letters and words.. Making mistake in some of them in a lovely way.. Then he became capable of walking, talking and rearing sheeps.. He was a pure child like the morning breaths.. Like rain drops.. He used to go out with his brother driving the sheep pasture and playing around.. And when they are hungry they bring out the prepared for them by their mother Halimah to eat and the hunger will disappear.. They were days shining with innocence, beauty and happiness.. Nothing distressed her except the shouting of his brother one morning saying:

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