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Verily, this is the Perfect and True Certainty (not merely a certainty by inference or by sight). Therefore glorify the name of your Lord, the Incomparably Great. (56:95-96)


The All-Mighty has endowed human being with two types of powers or faculties. One is the rational faculty, whose source is the human intellect and the other is the spiritual faculty whose source is the human "heart" (Qalb pl. Qulûb) (2:7; 6:46; 8:24; 22:46; 50:33). The issues which cannot be resolved with the rational faculty are unraveled by the spiritual faculty.


The All-Mighty Himself is the source of all knowledge. He enables the human being to acquire direct knowledge about Him through several sources and in many stages. These are: instinct, intrusion, comprehension, preliminary discrimination, feelings, ideas, thinking, reasoning, deliberation, inspiration (Ilhâm), Revelation (Wahî) and Divine Communication (Mukâlima).


There are three states of acquired knowledge:


1. Ilm al-Yaqîn - Sure Knowledge or the state of the knowledge aquired through inference (102:5). This is the elementary state of knowledge borne out of experience of natural causes and inference through logic and intellect". For example we can infer the presence of fire by seeing the smoke.


2. Ain al-Yaqîn - Knowledge through the Eye of Certainty or the state of knowledge aquired through sight (102:7). This second and higher state of knowledge comes from the subjective experience of nature and laws of nature or deduced form external facts, like rising of the sun is the proof of the presence of sun. Both these states are mentioned in the Holy Qur'ân:

Nay! You shall come to know in time (that you have been chasing at a shadow). Nay, again! (We repeat,) you shall come to know (the consequences of your deeds) in time. No, never! If you only knew the consequences thereof with "Ilm al-Yaqîn" (- sure knowledge by inference). You will certainly see the very hell-fire (- the consequences of your wicked deeds in this very life). Again, you shall most certainly see it (in the Hereafter) with "Ain al-Yaqîn" ( - the eye of certainty). (102:3-7)


3. Haq al-Yaqîn - This state of knowledge is the state of Perfect and True Certainty. This is the highest level of knowledge (56:95) which is based on direct Revelation (Wahî). In this final and the highest stage, the All-Mighty manifests Himself in all His Glory and with the voice "I exist, I am here". About this human experience we read:


Verily, this is the Perfect and True Certainty, (not merely a certainty by inference or sight) Therefore glorify the name of your Lord, the Incomparably Great. (56:95-96)


In this experience the human being gets certainty about that Holy Being. From every direction he feels His existence and in every moment of life he becomes conscious of Him and gets closer to Him. The events occurring to him after his death are opened to him. Logical reasoning and the knowledge of nature are left far behind. Without reaching this stage of knowledge the human being remains imperfect and a great void and deficiency remains in his personality and he remains unable to reach the sublime heights and the final success (the Falâh).


To gain this level of knowledge there are many hurdles in the way which cannot be overcome without the direct guidance and help from the All-Mighty. The access to it is made possible to the human being by means of revelation.


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