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Islam is the message for all times, the message is from it was revealed up to today and the next. The message that bring by prophet Muhammad ,peace be upon him,  is eternal till the day of judgment. The message contain, moral, basis and article of faith are the same from the first prophet up to the last Prophet Muhammad , peace be upon him.



 (2:128) This verse give a deep mean which it others prophet also had pray to Allah to make their as Muslim. This proves that Islam is a comprehensiveness religion. The message is for the whole world, in all phase of life not specific age but for all age and it message in every fields of life, which it mean it for without look at his material status and it ethical . Even though, before the prophet Muhammad .Others prophet had mention about Islam. This show Islam is comprehensive religion and it valid for the whole time.



)49:13) In this verse Allah had mention that he had create human into many nations and tribe and Allah has full knowledge with all things. This mean Even though human is different in their nation or their tribe which mean they had different way of life but they still can follow the rules of Islam in their life. This show that Allah had Islam as a comprehensive religion as it for all his creatures.



Islam touches in every aspect of our life such as Islamic law, marriage, and punishment. “marry such women seem good to you” .This one example comprehensiveness in Islam, it touch about marriage. This sentence mean that Islam teach us how to choose our marriage partner. It mention that we should marriage some that good in personality not only in physically or just based on beautiful. This example show the comprehensive in Islam as it teaches us all aspect in our life even though it is the simple one.



Besides that, in the comprehensiveness in Islamic teachings, it teaches us everything in clearly. For example in faith, it teach us clear view about god, man, Satan and living of here after. For ethic it covers all aspect of life, spiritual, physical, religious, worldly intellectual, emotional and individual. It comprehensiveness because it not only teach us the way to live in the world but also the way to get good life in the hereafter. “United heart and souls”. Which mean it consists of all aspect. This shows the comprehensiveness of Islam as it balance between world and the world of here after (judgment day).



This comprehensive nature of Islam should be matched by a comprehensive understanding of this important character of Islam and also by a comprehensive commitment to all its commandments and rules where no part of it is to be ignored or neglected. Our understanding of Islam should be comprehensive. Our commitment to Islam should also be comprehensive.



It is contrary to Islam only to accept one part of Islam and ignore the rest. It is not right to take one part of Islam and treat it as the whole of Islam. It is not right to take Creed and faith and neglect or ignore worship and morality.



It is not right to take worship and turn our backs to morality and good manners. Morality and good manners are the fruit of proper worship and are part of good faith. At the same time it is not right to focus on morality and indulge in innovations, and neglect proper worship and sound faith. And it also not right to take faith, morality and worship and then reject the Islamic Shari ‘a or to believe that Islam and its rules and principles are to be kept within the walls of mosques. Islam is not a seasonal religion. It is not only for Fridays and Ramadan. Islam is Comprehensive.



As conclusion, Islam is the comprehensive religion as it consists of all aspects in our life. It touches many aspects even about the way to clean our self. We also are thought about faith, worship, ethic and laws and regulations. The most important that Islam is valid until the day of judgment. Islam is the religion that made by Allah. So it is the only religion that is approved by Allah.


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