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In our last talk on this topic, we highlighted the manners and etiquettes of sneezing as practiced and taught by the holy Prophet peace be upon him. But, today's talk is going to deal with the second part of the topic which is "yawning", i.e. the manners of yawning and etiquettes to be observed.




It is encouraged that when one wants to yawn that he or she should try to suppress it as much as possible. As mentioned in one of the traditions of the Prophet peace be upon him in the part one of this write up, that it from the Satan. The Messenger of Allah said:


"Verily Allah loves sneezing (i.e. loves it when one sneezes) and dislikes yawning (i.e. dislikes it when one yawns); so if any of you sneezes and then praises Allah, it becomes a right upon every Muslim who hears him to say to him 'Yarhamukallah' (May Allah have mercy on you). As for YAWNING then verily, it is from Shaytan (Satan) only; so if one of you yawn, he should try to ward it off (i.e. ward off and stifle the yawn) as much as possible." And stifling or suppressing it will bring about a very minimal or no sound made in the process of yawning.




Abu Hurairah related that the Messenger of Allah the peace be upon him sais: "Yawning iin from the Shaytan (Satan), so if one of you yawns, then let him hold it back as much as he can; for indeed, when one of you says, 'Haa (i.e. making a sound in the process of yawning), the Shaytan (Satan) laughs." In another narration, he, peace be upon him said, " then let him hold it back as much as he can, and let him not say, 'Aah Aah,' for indeed, when one of you opens his mouth (in the process of yawning), the Shaytan (Satan) laughs at him or laughs because of him.




An-Nawaawee said: "Yawning usually occurs when the body is heavy, full, relaxed, and inclined towards laziness. It is ascribed to the Shaytan (Satan) because he invites people to follow lusts. Another intended meaning herein is that it is a warning against doing such acts that could result to yawning like eating too much and too frequently."




So, basically, we are expected to observe the following when we get pressed to yawn:


1. Suppress the yawning as much as possible.


2. Avoid making noise out of the process, or minimize such sounds made from the yawning as much as possible.


3. One should cover his or her mouth in the process of yawning, especially  during the salat (prayers). The Prophet peace be upon him was narrated to have said, in one of the narrations of Abu Sa'eed Al-Khudriyy:


"When one of you yawns, let him hold his hand over his mouth, for indeed, the Shaytan (Satan) [otherwise] enters." In the narration of Imam Ahmad, it reads thus, "When one of you yawns during prayer, let him place his hand over his mouth, for verily, the Shaytan (Satan) enters with a yawn."




Mind you, the act of some people who resort to seeking refuge in Allah against Shaytan (Satan) in the process of yawning is wrong in that it is a bid'ah (an innovation) i.e. a practice not in cognizance with the teachings of the holy Prophet and the rightly guided Caliphs.




The aforementioned reflects the etiquettes of yawning as spelt out for us by the last Prophet of God, Allah the Almighty, and the best of models for mankind, Muhammad son of Abdullah, may the peace and benedictions of God, Allah the Almighty, continue to shower upon him as the days and nights alternate. Aamin!





The Book of Manners, by Fu'ad Ibn Abdul-Azeez Ash-Shulhoob


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