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This book is a very personal account of one man's search for God and meaning in the midst of a culture that places no value on such a quest. Dr. Lang was brought up as a Catholic and educated in a Catholic school. However, one day he found that his religious beliefs could no longer provide satisfactory answers to his questions.




And so his quest began: reason, agnosticism, atheism, and, finally "coincidence" - a chance encounter with a Muslim student in one of his classes that eventually led to his conversion. As he soon found out, however, this was not the end of the matter, for now he had to fit in with his new community, its beliefs and traditions, and the Islamic worldview and lifestyle.




For American Muslims, most of whom come from a Judeo-Christian background and a mental framework that is almost totally alien to that of a traditional Muslim, this is no easy feat. How does one deal with demands for the blind acceptance of hadiths and accepted interpretations, the gulf between what the Qur'an says and the reality of Muslim life, the "status" of women, the presence of religion in every sphere of one's life, cultural conflicts, and many other issues? Ever since his conversion, Dr. Lang has struggled to answer these questions for himself. At the request of numerous Muslim acquaintances, he decided to write about his experiences so that other American and western-educated Muslims could benefit from his insights.




This book relates the experiences of an American convert who embraced Islam after a lot of research. It is a biographical account of Dr. Jeffery Lang who is an associate professor at the University of Kansas. He converted after meeting one of his Muslim students. Islam provided all answers to his questioning mind and decided to tread the path towards righteousness. This book features:


An account of Dr. Lang’s quest for the truth about God and religion, and his conversion.


The adjustment problems and difficulties he faced after conversion to Islam.


The real picture of Muslim life and its differences with the practices of the people having other beliefs. His struggle to face cultural and social conflicts.


Arguments supported with references from the Qur’an and Sunnah (teachings, practices and sayings of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him) and inspiring thoughts of a person who chose Islam as his religion.




This book has many inspiring lessons for the readers. It provides a deep insight into the nature of Islamic beliefs and their differences with other creeds.




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