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Du'a is the most powerful weapon of a believer and best of his or her practices and worship. It can change fate and is the essence of Worship. With it you can never fail and in its absence you can never succeed. You may want to say, "I have supplicated and supplicated to my possible best, but to no avail". I put it to you that it is not that you or all of us have forgotten du'a, completely, but our ideas and practice regarding it have become distorted. Often it is reduced to the level of a ritual. It is belittled through actions and sometimes even with words and mind set.




Du'a  is one of those things Allah blessed this nation with. Although, it was a similar blessing to all other nations before this last one, yet it was not at the same standard. The Prophet (peace be upon him) categorically said that du'a is the essence of worship {Du'a is Worship (itself)} [Tirmidhi] He said: {Nothing changes the Decree except du'a…} [Tirmidhi] This is a fact that have only been made clear in its simplest form as it is here only in our Islam.




Almighty Allah says: {And your Lord proclaimed, “Invoke Me (i.e. believe in My Oneness and ask Me for anything) I will respond to your (invocation). Verily, those who scorn My worship (i.e. do not invoke Me and do not believe in My Oneness) they will surely enter Hell in humiliation} [al-Ghafir: 60]



There are so many hadiths of the Prophet (peace be upon him) relating to the excellence of du’a. He was able to place on the table for all, the important of du'a and even how it should be carried out. To make it best in its place, he did not stop at that, but he (peace be upon him) practically did it for all to see and learn from.




He (peace be upon him) said: {There is nothing nobler to Allah than du‘a} [Tirmidhi]




He (peace be upon him), from his Lord's statement (i.e. hadith Qudsi), said: {O child of Adam! Until such time you invoke Me and have trust and hope in Me, I will forgive your sins no matter what they are, and I do not care of anything.} [Tirmidi]




He said (peace be upon him): {All those calamities and misfortunes that descends and that which will descend in the future can be averted and protected from, by du‘a. So, O servant of Allah! Supplicate} [Tirmidi and Hakim]




He said (peace be upon him): {Du‘a is the weapon of a Believer, a Pillar of the religion and the light of the skies and earth} [Hakim]




He said (peace be upon him): {Never get fed up with du'a, for no one will perish with (continuous) du'a} [Ibn Habban and Hakim]




He said (peace be upon him): {When some misfortune descend, the du'a intercepts it and then they both wrestle till the Last Day} (i.e. du'a does not allow the misfortune to descend to the earth or the one who does it.) [Tabrani and Hakim]




My dear friend! Du'a will in no way cause you any harm. It will, instead grant you so much than you can imagine. You are categorized among those who supplicated to Allah, thus your are honoured by such a quality. You are a humble servant or creature of His by recognizing your inferiority and weakness before Him the Almighty. Firstly, you will after all, be granted one of three: attain what you asked for just exactly as you want it or otherwise. Secondly, you may not get it that way, but have other calamities and troubles that were to befall you averted by your du'a. thirdly, all these may not be, rather, your du'a is kept for you to benefit from on the Last Day. This has been and still remains the path of the righteous ones. They depend on their Creator and not fellow humans.




My dear friend! In any case, you can bear witness with me that you will never loose in your du'a. So get up and make up your mind to always invoke and call upon Him, your Creator. He will ever be there for you. 



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