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Today, we are going to address the etiquettes which the holy Prophet peace be ‎upon him used to observe while going to the mosque to observe the prayers. The ‎Mosque in Islam is the heartbeat of the Muslim society, because it hosts and ‎houses a lot of the Muslim's activities. In it Muslims meet one another daily to ‎perform the obligatory prayers and other acts of worship and activities that are ‎beneficial to the Muslim Ummah (community).‎




The rules guiding the Mosque and etiquettes to be observed while going for ‎prayers in the Mosque include:‎


‎1. The Muslim should observe the supplication, which the prophet peace be upon ‎him used to say while on his way to the Mosque, and it reads thus: "O Allah, ‎make in my heart light, in my vision light, on my right light, behind me light, in my ‎nerves light, in my flesh light, in my blood light, in my hair light, and in my skin ‎light."‎


‎2. The Muslim should enter the Mosque with his right foot first, and then say: ‎‎"Bismillah. In the name of Allah, O Allah, open for me the gates of your mercy." ‎The prophet (peace be upon him) loved to start with his right in everything ‎honourable he did. Imam Bukhari reported that "Ibn Omar (may Allah be pleased with him) used to step ‎with his right foot first when he entered the Masjid (Mosque), and step out with ‎his left foot first when he walked out of the Mosque." If there is a group of people ‎who want to enter the Mosque at the same time, then the one on the right should ‎go in first to uphold the Sunnah (tradition) of the prophet (peace be upon him).‎


‎3. The Muslim should leave the Mosque starting with his left foot first and should ‎say what the prophet peace be upon him use to say: "Bismillah, In the name of ‎Allah, O Allah open for me the gates of your blessings, o Allah protect me from ‎Satan."‎


‎4. The one who inters the Masjid should not sit until he prays two Rak'ahs. ‎Imams Bukhari and Muslim reported that the prophet (peace be upon him) said: "When one of ‎you enters the Masjid, he should pray two Rak'ah before sitting down."‎


‎5. Anything that has a bad and offensive smell like garlic, onion, or smokes from ‎cigarettes and other hard drugs should be avoided by a Muslim. One on his way to ‎pray should adorn clean attire and clothes so as not to cause harm in the form of ‎offensive smells to his fellow worshipers. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: ‎‎"Whoever eats garlic, onion should keep away from our Mosques because the ‎angels get offended from what offends the children of Adam." ‎




Mind you, onion and garlic are not prohibited in Islam and can be eaten, only that ‎when they are taken raw or not well cooked they generate a bad odor from the ‎mouth of that who ate them. For this reason Imam Muslim reported that Umar ‎may Allah be pleased with him used to say while he on the Minbar (Pulpit): "I saw ‎the prophet (peace be upon him) when he notices their smell (i.e. garlic, onion) ‎from a man in the Masjid (Mosque), he ordered him to be taken out." then he ‎Umar said: "If you must eat them, then cook them well."‎


‎6. The Muslim should give Salam (greetings) to the people as he enters into the ‎Mosque, even if the people are praying, because the companions used to give ‎salute the prophet (peace be upon him) while he is in his prayer, and he used to ‎reply with a hand gesture. Suhaib may Allah be pleased with him said: "I passed ‎by the prophet (peace be upon him) while he was praying and I greeted him, he ‎replied me with a gesture."‎


‎7 .The one who inters the Mosque should not run in a bid to catch up with a the ‎congregational prayer, rather he should remain quiet and calm as he approaches ‎the Mosque because the prophet peace be upon him forbade running in such a ‎situation when he, peace be upon him said, "If the prayer is started, then do not ‎join it running, rather join it walking quietly, and pray whatever you meet up ‎with, and make up for what you missed."‎


‎8. The Muslim should not distract other praying Muslims in the Mosque, because ‎the praying Muslim is in contact with Allah, so he should not be distracted not ‎even with reciting Qur'an, supplication, or remembrance of Allah. Abdullah ibn ‎Umar may Allah be pleased with them both narrated that the prophet peace be ‎upon him saw some people praying, and they became loud in their prayer. He ‎said: "The praying person is in contact with his Lord, so let him concentrate on ‎whom he is in contact with, and do not raise your voices over one another with ‎Qur’an."‎


‎9. The Muslim should not pass in front of the praying Muslim. Imams ‎Bukhari, ‎Muslim and others reported that the prophet peace be upon him said: "If ‎the ‎passer in front of the praying person knew how much sin he committed, it ‎would ‎have been better for him to wait for forty than to pass in front of him."‎




Other manners and etiquettes to be observed in the Mosque includes:‎


i. The use of Sutrah. The Muslim should place something in front of him during ‎prayer as a barrier between him and the passersby in front of him, and that he ‎gets closer to it as the prophet used to do. ‎


ii. The Muslim should sit where he finds a place in the Mosque and should not ‎engage in the act of skipping people or squeezing himself between two people ‎who are already sitting.‎


iii. The Muslim should keep himself busy himself with supplication and ‎remembrance of Allah while awaiting the commencement of the congregational ‎prayer.‎


iv. The Muslim should keep the Mosque clean and in good shape and smell ‎because it is the house of Allah The Almighty.‎


v. Prohibition of trade of all kinds and business transactions in the Mosque.‎


vi. The Muslim should not walk out of the Mosque after the Adhan (call to prayer) ‎has been made before he prays with the congregation, except maybe to renew his ‎ablution. This is even if he has already prayed that obligatory prayer (which will ‎be considered a Nafelah (extra, voluntary prayer) when he prays with the other ‎Muslims). Imam Ahmad reported that Abu Hurairah may Allah be pleased with him ‎said: the prophet (peace be upon him) ordered us, when we are in the Mosque ‎and the prayer is called for, not to leave the Mosque until we pray."‎


vii. The Muslim should say Salam to the people before he leaves the Mosque.‎


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