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Allah the Most High said in suratul Dhariyat, meaning : “And of all things We created two mates; perhaps you will remember”. We find this phenomenon in Man as well as in the world of animals, plants, insects, and parasites. Let’s take an example from the life of the malaria parasite. This parasite which causes malaria sickness that is transmitted from one person to the other through female mosquitoes is a very tiny microscopic parasite. We can imagine how tiny it is when we realize that it fights the red blood cells and multiplies in it whereas there are about five million cells on the headpin of the red blood cell.

At a certain stage in the life circle of the parasites in human blood, some of them develop into male and female. So, when a mosquito sucks drops of blood from human beings, there is mating between female and male parasites in the stomach wall of the mosquito. The product of this copulation is the progeny. This progeny cannot depart the body of the female mosquito to complete their life circle in the body of humans except through the saliva of the female mosquito which it relesaes so that it can pass through the blood of humans when it sucks them. That is why we see these progeny swimming in the body of the female mosquito by Allah’s decree till they reach the saliva gland; they then hide in it till when it is possible for them to come out through mosquito bite.

How did these parasites transform into male and female? How was it possible for the male and female to celebrate their marriage in the stomach wall of the female mosquito? And who directed the progeny to migrate in groups to the saliva gland of the female mosquito?

When scholars are confronted with these questions they stand perplexed. They cannot but believe that there is a wise decree making the arrangement. It arranged these series of event in other for a malaria parasite to complete its life circle between the female mosquito and human being (And everything we created with decree). Allah has spoken the truth.

Since the discussion is about malaria, we have to talk about the mosquito that transmits the disease. Just as in human beings, the female mosquito is dominant even though it appears weak. The female mosquito is the one that sucks the blood of humans. As for the male mosquito, it lives and feeds on the nectar of flowers. The female mosquito is the one that carries even malaria parasite and it is the one that hunts man, fights him and inflicts him with disease.

Mosquitoes are of different types. Among them is Anopheles which transmits malaria disease and chooses a special environment for itself like large water area such as swamps, flood and rivers where it reproduces and multiplies in it and does not allow another mosquito to compete with it therein. And among them are (Alajds aegypti) which transmits dengue fever and yellow fever. This type of mosquito reproduces and multiplies in small left over water of rain or in other water sources. Among mosquitoes are those that are active in the night and among them are those that are active in the day. There are those that feed only on the blood of humans and there are those that feed on the blood of animals. Some of them are aggressive while others are gentle in nature. We will not stop repeating the statement of Allah: “And of all things We created two mates; perhaps you will remember.

Written in Arabic by: Professor Zuhair Ahmad As-Saba’ee

Source: ‘Ukaaz newspaper


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