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It is worth mentioning that Ibn Taymiyah had dealt with the subject of economics. According to his view, the Shariah scholar who desires to study this type of subject shall be equipped with sufficient knowledge of economics by through study of basics and principles of economics from its respective sources and consulting the experts in this field as well. However, making an opinion merely based on Shariah knowledge with no reference to the economics sources would be a mistake that has to be avoided.

Here we mention his interesting quote: “if the point of difference based on Shariah sources, then the Shariah scholar`s opinion would be preferred. However, if the point of difference is customary or material then the opinion of the experts shall be preferred, as they know the situation far better than the Shriah scholars who did not experience the same. The Prophet P.B.U.H said, “You people know better about your worldly affairs. Concerning the things related to the matter of Deen that must be referred to me”. However, all things related to worldly affairs must be referred to the pious and God-fearing expert".

As to the sold, item whether it is known or not, the opinion of the Shariah scholars would not be accepted, rather the experts` opinion shall be taken into account. The Shariah Scholars` opinion will be valid as to the provisions merely based on the evidences from Quran and Sunnah.

If the experts say that they are well aware of the matter, then their opinion shall be valid, and not the opinion of those who have not the same expertise as the experts have; even though the former are more knowledgeable than the later.  As the Prophet P.B.U.H said concerning the Palm-pollination ““you better know about your wordily affairs, so whatever is related to the religious affairs refer to me”. As such, the Shariàh ruling shall be deduced based on what the experts would say, such as guise and estimation


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