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These are the facts. We have a clear record of the Prophet fasting on the 10th of Muharram. This is a sunnah of the Prophet recorded in Ahadith. In addition we also have recorded in Ahadith that the Prophet desired/recommended the fasting on the 9th. In addition the Prophet stated that fasting on the 10th expiates the sins for the last year. There is no record of the Prophet inflicting bodily harm upon himself. There is no record of the Prophet morning the anniversary of anyone’s death. The Prophet prohibited the veneration of anyone after their death as the Christians did. We know it is a fact that Christians every church service celebrate the “death” of Jesus (Isaa’) as part of their worship. Such practices were never practiced by the Prophet, or even by Ali, for any of the Sahabah or even Ahlil Bayt (the Prophet’s family members). In addition to this we know that the Prophet did not reveal any benefit (such as the expiation for sins) with celebrating the annual return of the death of any individual. We also know that by fasting on this day, we are honoring not one but two Prophets (Muhammad who practiced it and Musa who is associated with the original event that the day remembers).

Any Muslim, regardless of their personal beliefs, when presented with the evidence must reach the following conclusions: Regardless of when Ali was killed, the Prophet had already given instructions as to how to act on the 10th of Muharram. The death of no human can change those instructions (not even Ali). The expiation of sins was given by the Prophet for the observance of fasting on that day in honor of another prophet (Musa). There was no benefit given for the repeated mourning of any Prophet, or Sahabah and in fact the opposite was true the annual recurrence is never celebrated for fear of it becoming Shirk).

As  Muslims, we bear witness of two statements “laa ilaaha ilaa-llah” and “Muhammadar Rasoolul-laah”. We all acknowledge that Muhammad is the last Prophet. No matter how wonderful Ali was, he was NOT the one that Allah chose for Prophethood. The name “Mahamadim” is the name of the Last Prophet given in the Hebrew Scriptures. The Yod Meem at the end is a plural of respect so the name that results when the plural end is taken off is Meem Heh, Meem Daleth or Mahamad. There is no way that Mahamad can be confused with Ali. In addition, no one in their right mind is going to think that the Jews are going to go out of their way, to rewrite their holy scriptures to intentionally place the name of a prophet they rejected into their book, in place of Ali, just to support the views of Sunni Muslims (not to mention the fact that no one who would be in the Shia sect had a problem with Muhammad’s Prophethood until after his death).

In summary, the Prophet provided us with a means and reward for celebrating the 10th Day of Muharram, If we are Muslims, then follow the example of the Prophet and fast on the 9th and 10th of Muharram or the 10th of Muharram at least and have your sins forgiven for the past year. If you are not Muslims and belong to some other religion or culture other than the Deen of Islam, then mourn and hold mock funeral precessions, put up a Christmas tree decorated with popcorn on a string, dress up in costumes and beg your neighbors for candy with the treat of pulling an ill intended prank on them if they refuse, or some other custom of your own devising. But to be a Muslim means you follow the way shown by the Prophet Muhammad, and Muhammad fasted.




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