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Narrated from Urwa bin Zubair that: Umair bin Wahab Al-jamhee sat with safwan bin Umayya close to the hijr after the defeat of the Quraish in the battle of Badr by the Muslims. Umair bin Wahab was a devil among the devils of Quraish and was among those who usually persecute the Prophet and his companions in Makkah. His son, Wahab bin Umair was among the captives in the hands of the Muslims. Ibn Hisham said he was captured by Rifa’at bin Rafi’, one of the banu Zareeq. Ibn Ishaq said: narrated from Muhammad bin Jaafar bin Az-Zubair, from Urwa bin Zubair, he mentioned the people of Qulaib and their calamity. Safwan said: by Allah, there is good in life even after them. Umair said: you are right. However, by Allah if not for my debt   which I have no means of settling, and my family whom I fear will face difficulty after me; I would have traveled to Muhammad and killed him because he is holding my son captive. Safwan said to him: I will take responsibility of your debt and your family will be with my family, I will provide for them as long as they live. Umair said to him: then keep this a secret between us. He said: I will. Then Umair ordered for his sword and it was sharpened for him and poisoned. Then, he took off till he reached Madina. As Umar bin Khattab was with some Muslims discussing the day of Badr and they were mentioning how Allah honored them, Umar saw Umair bin wahab as he was tying his camel close to the mosque with his sword on him. Umar said: this is the enemy of Allah, Umair bin Wahab. By Allah he has not come except for something evil. Then, Umar went to the Prophet and said to him: O prophet of Allah this is the enemy. The Prophet said let him in. so Umar went to him and held him by the rope of his sword tied to his neck and said to some men among the Ansar with him: go in and sit close to the Prophet and be cautious over him from this enemy because he can’t be trusted. Then, Umar went inside with him to the Prophet. When the Prophet saw him with Umar holding him by the rope of his sword round his neck, the Prophet said release him O Umar. Come close Umair the Prophet said. He went close and greeted the Prophet in the traditional way of the people of Jahiliyya (Pre- Islamic era). The Prophet said to him Allah has honored us with a greeting better than your greeting, peace be upon you, the greeting of the people of paradise. He said O Muhammad you greeted people the same way not long before now. The Prophet said: what brought you Umair? He said I came for this captive in your hands, be good in this regard. The Prophet said what about the sword round your neck? He said may it be cursed among swords, did it benefit us anything? The Prophet said: say the truth, what did you come for? He said I came for nothing except that. The Prophet said you sat with safwan close to the hijr and you mentioned what befell the Qulaib among the Quraish. Then, you said: if not for your debts and family, you would have gone to kill Muhammad. So, safwan took the responsibility of your debt and family for you to kill me but Allah will prevent you from that. Umair said: I testify that you are the messenger of Allah; we used to disproof what you brought to us of revelation, and no one witnessed this matter except me and safwan. By Allah I know that none has informed you except Allah. Hence, praise be to Allah who has guided me to Islam and he pronounced the testimony of truth. The Prophet said to the companions: teach your brother his religion, teach him to recite the Qur’an and release his captive.


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