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The Poisoned Ewe:

When the Prophet-peace be upon him- settled after the conquest of khaibar, Zainab bint Al-harith, wife of Salam bin Mashkam, gave him an ewe as gift. She had asked which part of ewe is most desired to the Prophet and she was told the arm. So, she put a lot of poison in it and also in the remaining part of the ewe and brought it to the Prophet. When she placed it in front of the Prophet-peace be upon him- he took the arm and took a bite from it but did not swallow it. Bishr bin Al-Baraa bin Ma’rur was with him and had taken a bite like the Prophet but he swallowed it. As for the Prophet he threw it out of his mouth and said: this food has informed me that it is poisoned, then he ordered for the woman and she confessed. The Prophet asked her what made her to do that. She said: you have reached a level among my people which no one fears over you. So, I said if he is just a king, I will be relieved from him, and if is truly a prophet then, he will be informed of the poison. So, the Prophet forgave her and Bishr died from the bite he ate.

Ibn Ishaq said: Marwan bin Abi Sa’eed bin Al-Ma’lee narrated to me that the Prophet said during the sickness he died from when Ummu Bishir bint Al-Baraa came to visit him: O Ummu Bishir at this very moment I can feel my aorta cutting as a result of the food I ate together with your brother at Khaibar. Ibn Ishaq said, this is why Muslims believe that the Prophet died a martyr in addition to the honor of Prophethood given to him by Allah. 



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