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  1. AL-Muqrizi’s Description:

Al-Muqrizi, while describing the birthday celebration by the Fatimid said: ”the Fatimid caliph used to sit for the birthday celebration and would prepare banquets and meals. Food items such as sugar, honey, almond and flour  were distributed to the audience and placed in temples and other places. Monies are also shared to the people of (the village of) Qarraafa. Judges, Scholars and students all receive their share. The Caliph will then ride alongside the Judges and the Ministers to the Mosque of Azhar on the 12th of Rabi-ul Awwal. The Reciters would then recite the Qur’an and sermon givers would deliver sermons. Similar to this was how the birthdays of Ali, Hasan , Husain, Fatima (may Allah be please with them) and the Caliph himself were celebrated”.(see: Al-Khutat:2:332)

  1. Description of Ibn Khallikaan (D 681H):

As for the case of the birthday of King Muzaffar, who people claimed was the one who invented the Birthday celebration which is not true. Ibn Khallikaan mentioned in his birthday  festival things that depict drumming and dancing, wastage of the wealth of the Muslims. He said: ”the people of the society heard good about his (Muzaffar) faith and opinion about birthday celebration. So every year, people of the nearby communities such as Baghdad, Mosel, the Arabian Peninsula, Sinjar and other non-Arabian communities including the Fuqaha (the Jurists),the Sufis, preachers, the reciters of Qur’an and the poets used to visit the caliph (Muzaffar). They would keep trooping into the caliphs palace from Muharram till the beginning of Rabi' al-Awwal. Muzfiruddeen would then raise domes of wood, every dome consisting of four or five layers. He would construct about twenty of them. He then would reserve one for himself and one each for the senior governors of his country. When the 1st day of the month of Safr arrives, these domes were then beautified with different colors and adornments. In each dome would be a group of singers, fancy makers and people who perform amusement with musical instruments. Not a single dome would be left except haven been filled with singers. Life become uncomfortable for people staying nearby due to the disturbances erupting out of the noise of the singers and people are left with no other business other than merging to witness the occasion. The domes were built from the entrance of the castle to the gate of his ravine. Muzaffaruddeen comes every day after the Asr salat and would stay in each dome from the first to the last. He would listen to the singers in each of them and enjoy with the fancy makers and would then spend the night in his ravine. He would then listen to the audience and ride prior the dawn prayers after which he would return to the castle before Zuhr prayers. Such was the way he does until the eve of the birthday celebration. He would celebrate on the eighteenth day this year and on the twelfth day the next year because of the discrepancy in the actual date between both dates... "

3. Description of Ibn Al-Hajj.(D 737H)

He mentioned very bad and obnoxious things that were being done in the Maulid (Birthday) celebration. These ranges from dancing, singing and fun (making). He also mentioned other things and criticized the deeds of women during the celebrations and its evil effect…[see: his book ”Al-Madkhal (the Introduction)”2/2-10]

4. Description of the Historian (Al-Jabarti) (D 1237H).

He described to us the festivals that were being celebrated during his era, as mentioned in his book: the miraculous antiquities (ajaa’ibil Aathaar).  He said: "As the month of Rabi' ath-Thani commences, the head of the leaders comes to his house built near the Husein pavilion where he would begin the mauled celebration. The so gave it much interest that they would announce to the public permitting the operation of restaurants and bear-parlours all through the nights, decoration lights lit all through the routes between the palaces and so on."

In describing one of the celebrations, he said: "It is announced for the beautification of the market places with different provisions in order to magnify the Maulid of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). If Wednesday comes such announcement is repeated and a command is issued for sweeping and cleaning all places. Due to this, people would then give much attention and much effort is exerted towards that regard".

5. Description of Maulid in the 20th century.

But for the Maulid of these days, it doesn’t defer much from what has been described previously. One, who follows the documentaries of countries that broadcast the Maulid celebration and others, will find that, they are celebrated alongside singing and dancing, fun making, waste of time and waste of the wealth of Muslims.

O' slaves of Allah! Do you think this birthday festival which is accompanied by dancing, playing , and wastage of time and wealth would be approved by the Prophet of Allah (PBUH) and loved by him?

To the extent that An-Nabhani claimed that these activities would not look offensive to the noble prophet (PBUH), saying:

Do you think this would be offensive to Ahmad (PBUH)?

Or that it would be unpleasant to the Self-Sufficient Master needed by all creatures?

May my soul be sacrificed for you! Celebrate it and fear no harm.

Keep up repeating celebrating the mauled, and do it over and over again.

(see: Hujjatullah 'Ala Al-'Alamin p 241 and Rasayl al-Majlis al-'Alaa lil At-Turuq As-Sufiyyah p 37)


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