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The fast of Ramadan is compulsory on every liable Muslim. It is not pardonable for anyone to break the fast in its time except those legally excusable to do so such as the sick and the traveler. But for people of handicraft, the purport of the texts of the jurist shows that if there is a dire need for him to work during the days of Ramadan, or he fears the ruin of his work if he does not repair them, or the theft of his crops if he does not hasten to harvest them, then it is allowed for him to work even if working leads him to severe hunger and danger , he should  not stop the work with the aim of completing his fast(for the day) .And  if he breaks his fast he only needs to pay it back. The following are some of the texts on that:

Ibn Aabideen related a verdict:  Ali Ibn Ahmad was asked about the handicraft if he knows that engaging in his craftsmanship will lead to a harm permitting him to break the fast while he is in need of what to make his expenses with, is it allowed for him to eat before he falls sick?, then he condemned that greatly. The same was reported of his teacher Al-Waabiri.

 Abu Hamid was asked of a bread baker who becomes weak during the latter part of the day (due to fasting) is it allowed for him to do such work. He said no, but he can bake half of the day and rest the other half, and if he says It won’t be enough for him, he will be proof to be a liar during the winters for its days are short and what he can do in it (winters) he can equally do same in it (the half day of summer).

In Taaj and Ikleel from among the books of Maalikiyya: Ibn Muhriz reported on the authority of Maalik that he was asked about a craftsman who is working on his craft then became thirsty and break his fast. He said: it is not befitting that people should make themselves liable to such activities that will deny them from fasting, and he was severe in that.

In kashaaf Al-Qinaa’, Abubakar Al-Ajuriy said: “he whose work is hard and difficult, if he fears that fasting will lead to the ruin of the work he should break the fast and pay it at a later day if he fears that stopping the work will be harmful to him. If however, stopping the work(in order to observe the fast) will not affect him negatively, then he should not break the fast as that is a sin and must hence stop it, but if it’s not possible stopping the work then his breaking the fast is not a sin as it is due to an excusable reason.


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