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If a fasting person treats the head and stomach wounds –the opinion of majority scholars is that the fasting is invalidated-if the medicine reached the stomach . An-Nawawi said: if he treats himself with a medicine and it reached the stomach or his brain he has broken his fast in our view in each case wet or dry. The Hanaabila gave a reason to this that he has taking something into his stomach willingly as if he had eating. Al-Mardawi says: this is the school of thought and upon it are all the companions.

The Hanafis gave the reason to this-though the stated no difference between wet and dry medicine-that the head and the stomach has one path, hence, when the medicine reaches his head it equally reached his stomach.

If he doubt about something getting into his stomach, the Hanafis has some explanation and some differences: if the medicine is wet, the apparent thing is that it reaches the stomach; the rule would then be based on this. The two students said: it does not break the fast due to lack of knowledge of it and fasting cannot be invalidated due to doubt. However, the medicine is dry it does not spoil the fast as it cannot find its way into the stomach nor into the brain.

The school of thought of the Maalikiyya is that fasting is not invalidated by treating wounds, and this is the view of sheikh Taqiyyuddeen.

Ibn Jazee says: “but for treating wounds, it does not invalidate fasting”


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