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Pilgrimage is a worship of a special nature, it is not only a physical worship nor a spiritual one but  it is an integrated system ( of worship) and mini panorama for human life , from life till is an institution of faith, spiritual and physical which elevates servants to loftiest ranks and leads them to paradise and house them next to the Prophets and the righteous.

Pilgrimage has other aims and benefits that are invisible to the ordinary people. It has in it spiritual benefits and in-depth meanings that make a person ascetic and closer to Allah more than himself to an extent that He becomes his eyes with which he sees and his ears with which he hears, and Hands with which he strikes and His legs with which he walks. This cannot be felt by anybody except a believer who is sincere in his acts and words.

Consecration (Ihraam): meanings of equality and discipline. The spiritual journey of hajj starts with Ihram. Allah prescribes Ihraam in every minutest detail in order for man to achieve all the objectives of observing a fast, but in different unique ways. It does not address the human flesh in terms of hunger and thirst but in other aspects that refines man’s trend of strength and inspires him with discipline and keep him balance.


Circumambulation. Connotations of unity and unification. God Almighty prescribed Tawaf around the house and makes it a prayer, for humans to live with the prospects of Prayer and its spirit. That house that God intended it to be a symbol of unity among the people and a spiritual connection with Him and not its physical significance of walls made up of stones.


Sa’e:  for sa’i between Safaa and Marwa, it was an important spiritual point for man to live with feeling conscious that his steps must be directed towards good places so that his pursuits will be in good course, and abstaining from evil courses.

Arafaat and Mina..the secrets of meditation and reflection. As for the stances Allah wills at Arafaat, Muzdalifa and Mina, it is stances of deep contemplation, accountability, meditation and a starting point to regain the human principles that may get lost in the throes of conflict being waged for the sake of a living or for the sake of achieving his desires and ambitions whether legal or illegal. The human being may lose a lot of the big values ​​under the influence of self-impulses on the one hand, and counter-challenges that may be created that has tense reactions on him on the other hand and he may be made to forget in the midst of all this a lot of what he supposed to believe in or what he has been called to. This makes it more needed for him to increase in meditation and accountability, so as to increase his faith and to return to his ideology and the right plan of his life.hence, the stances that Allah wills at Arafaat,Muzdalifa and Mina are that of cogitation, ponder and accountability.

Sacrifices.. giving and sacrifice code
Allah made the sacrifice a living symbol of sacrifice and offer, as epitomized in the history of Ibrahim and Ismaeel peace be upon them both, when they both surrendered themselves to Allah and triumphed over the feelings of fatherhood towards children and self-love in the human sense of life, which ended up in a ransomed of a greater slaughter offered by Allah in place of Ismaeel peace be upon him. This serves as a lesson that, sacrifice is needed in everything that man wants to achieve in human life at all times.



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