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Marriage plays a central role in forming the culture of any socio-religious group. In Islam Marriage is considered important  sacred, spiritual, and social contract that is mutually agreed upon by both parties and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has recognized its importance by saying that marriage is half the religion.


In Christianity however, marriage is religious sacrament and it is thought to be a gift from God, one that should  not be taken for granted.


Although in today’s time engagement ceremonies are a globally practiced pre-wedding event, the importance of this ceremony varies significantly between religions.


In Christian traditions, engagement is an important event and some sects stipulate the minister’s presence at and blessing of the engagement. The engageemnt period is 2 years for most sects but can be extended.


While in Islam engagement holds no religious importance and there is no set time for the engagement to last before the marriage ceremony can take place.


 In both religions, the marriage is a contract between a male and a female which results in a physical and spiritual union of the two.


In Islam a payment is agreed on, that is to be paid to the bride by the groom at the time of Nikah or after ( marriage contract). This payment is called Mahr and it is for the bride to spend however she wishes.While in Christianity payment of mahr (dowry) is not compulsory.


In Catholicism some religious rituals are supposed to be performed as part of the wedding ceremony which include, ‘Bible readings, one from the Old Testament, a responsorial psalm, a New Testament reading, a Gospel acclamation, a Gospel reading and a homily, hymns and prayers. In Islam prayers and Quranic verses are often recited but such rituals are not compulsory.


In many religions with the solemnization of marriage, the husband and wife are entrusted with some basic rights and privileges to govern their married lives. One of the most important aspects of marriage is the physical relationship.


Islam speaks boldly about sex and it allows the couple to express its love in any manner that is pleasurable to both the partners and the couple is recommended not to perform acts that maybe harmful to them. Foreplay is high recommended taking in account the higher emotional needs of women and in order to build trust. In Christianity sex is not talked about openly and most books talk about the ‘spiritual’ idea of sex.


Both religions consider divorce to be an undesirable act; however Islam is relatively lenient regarding this issue and allows both the husband and the wife to opt for separation in a case of bad caring. On the other hand divorce is considered to be a grave sin and it is assumed that if husband and wife marry, they will remain married for the rest of their lives.


Moreover, Muslim men are allowed to have up to four wives in marriage while polygamy is not allowed in Christianity.


Conclussion,both religions consider marriage as a central role in forming the culture of any socio-religious group and however is a contract between a male and a female which results in a physical and spiritual union of the two. Although there are many differences regarding its virtures  as aforementioned .


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