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Islam make an important contribution and role in the education of many Muslim inmates within the prison service, especially in Western nations where it was reported that a great number of prisoners embraced Islam through implication of learning class organized by Muslim communities within the prisons. Among of which is the establishment of Islamic council of Victoria's Prison chaplaincy service that serves to provide religious, spiritual care and education for many Muslim inmates within the prisons.


In Saudi Arabia, there is a prison in each main city in the country equipped with a number of classrooms and textbooks to provide a learning opportunity similar to the educational system applied outside prisons. Studying in prison is available for offenders, who are interested in resuming their education beside others duties.


In addition, learning and training opportunities in prisons are limited to certain subjects such as religious and self-development education, and electricity and plumbing skills, which teach them basic skills in such subjects. Therefore, this study attempts to fill the gap between inmates and the community outside prison by offering learning and training opportunities in prisons.


However, The Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Kuwait has established the Islamic Studies Department to supervise various programs and courses for memorization of the Holy Quran, addressed to various nationals including prisoners. Scholars, running Islamic guidance centers, including makeshift ones set up within prisons' compounds, hold special Quranic courses and educational programs about Islam as a doctrine.


Ahmad Al-Taweel, the director of Holy Book department at the ministry, told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) that a special team of religious guides and scholars hold religious and ethical educational courses at the correction facilities, also aiding, guiding and educating drug addicts. Those who succeed in passing the course are qualified for an Amiri pardon (governmental pardon)


From the brief aforementioned, it is clear that most Muslim governments around the world attempt to educate inmates in prison so that they will be something better than inmates in their post-incarceration life.


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