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It was narrated that the Prophet – May Peace and Blessings be upon him – said: "Beware of the supplication of the oppressed, for it is carried on the clouds"

This Hadith points to the fact that those who transgress other people’s rights should fear Allah and fear the oppressed supplicating against them, as this is a very dangerous matter.

In another similar Hadith, Mu'adh - may Allah be pleased with him - reported that the Messenger of Allah - may peace and blessings be upon him - dispatched him (as governor to Yemen) and instructed him thus: “Beware of the supplication of the oppressed, for there is no barrier between it and Allah.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

So we can deduce a lot of teachings from these sayings of the Prophet - may peace and blessings be upon him -:

The one who oppresses others should fear Allah and beware of transgression, because it will be counted as multiples of transgressions on the Day of Resurrection:

- One for him disobeying Allah,

- Another for him oppressing his fellow Muslim,

- And a third for initiating and opening the gate of transgression and oppression for others to imitate.

The wronged person could even eventually die as a result of the oppression, and the transgressor would bear the consequences of this.

It is also clear from the context that this is a strong warning (from the Prophet, May Peace and Blessings be upon him) against oppressing others.

However, it should not be regarded as an encouragement to invoke supplications against other people every time they do something wrong to you. It is better to pray for their forgiveness and to bear their misdeeds with patience.

What we must do is to take heed of these warnings and refrain from wronging others.


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