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By IND on April 27, 2016


UN aid officials have warned that the situation in the Syrian town of Daraya is extremely dire, with shortages of food, medicine, and clean water.

At least 4,000 people are besieged in the town by Syrian government forces.

Speaking in Geneva, UN emergency relief co-ordinator Stephen O’Brien said the Syrian government had ignored “countless” requests for aid to be allowed in.

Residents of the town last received a delivery of aid in November 2012.

UN officials were able to make a needs assessment earlier this month, and found a severe lack of food and medicine and near complete destruction of the water supply, leading to shortages of safe drinking water.

The town’s electricity supply was cut off more than three years ago.

“We will continue to press the Syrian authorities relentlessly for us to have that safe unimpeded access to Daraya,” Mr O’Brien said.



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