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All perfect praise be to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah, and that Muhammad(peace be upon him) is His slave and Messenger.


The scholars have agreed unanimously that if the color, taste or smell of water becomes change as a result of corning into contact with impurity, it will become impure, irrespective of its being small or plenty, flowing or stagnant.


Impure water in Islamic law can be purified by various means. Based on what the scholars have said about water of abundant quantity which has changed because of contamination with impurity may be purified by pouring additional pure water on it. As regards small water that has become contaminated with impure without any of its qualities having undergone a change, this is purified by adding pure water to it, so that they together add up to qullatain which is approximately 108 damascene rotls, and then it will become both tahir(pure) and mutahhir (that can purify other), irrespective of whether the water added is pure or impure, and this opinion was held by Imam Shafi'i. The Hanbali school observes that small water is not purified after it is increased to qullatayn irrespective of whether the added water is impure or pure, because adding impure water to another of its kind does not make the whole pure.


The Maliki school opines that Water which has become impure is purified by pouring additional abundant water over it until the qualities of the impurity disappear.


And impurity can also be removed by natural means with the passage of time, or by the effects of sun, or wind on it, and others, then the ruling of impurity ceases because the reason for it is no longer there, and the water will become pure without anything else required. Similarly, impurity in water can be removed by getting rid of some of the water until it goes back to its original state in which there is no sign of alteration caused by impurity in its state' color or smell.


In short, impurity in water according the scholars of Islamic jurisprudence is removed by adding pure water to it, or by natural means with the passage of time, effects of sun, wind on it, and by getting rid of some of impure water till it returns to its original state. And as there is no deterrence in purifying it by the modern technical means as being regarded among the best means of purification.  


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