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Hind bint Utbah Ibn Rabi'ah bn Abdul Shams Al-Abshimiyyah Al-Qurashiyah. She was born in Mecca, daughter of one of the most prominent leaders of the Quraysh, Utbah ibn Rabi'ah, and of Safiya bint Umayya. She had two brothers: Abu-Hudhayfah ibn 'Utbah and Walid ibn Utbah. Her father and her paternal uncle Shaibah ibn Rabī‘ah were among the chief adversaries of Islam who eventually were killed by 'Ali in the Battle of Badr.


She first married to Hafs ibn Al-Mughira from the Makhzum clan, to whom she bore one son, Aban. Hafs died young after an illness. Hind then married his brother al-Fakah, who was much older than she was, but she accepted him because she wanted her son to grow up within his father's family. Al-Fakah owned a banqueting hall that the public were allowed to enter freely. One day he left Hind alone in the hall and returned home to see one of his employees leaving in a hurry. Assuming that his wife had a lover, he kicked her and asked her who the man had been. She replied that she had been asleep and did not know that anyone had entered; but al-Fakah did not believe her and he divorced her immediately.

Hind then found herself the subject of gossip. Her father Utbah asked her to tell the truth about her divorce. "If the accusations are true, I will arrange to have Hafs murdered; and if they are false, I will summon him to appear before a soothsayer from Yemen." Hind swore by the gods that she was innocent, so Utbah called the soothsayer. Hind was sitting among a crowd of women; the soothsayer walked up, struck her on the shoulder and said, "Arise, you chaste woman and no adulteress. You will give birth to a King!" Al-Fakah then took her hand, ready to accept her back as his wife; but Hind withdrew her hand and said, "Go away, for I shall make sure to bear him to some other man."


Then, two men proposed to married, and she refused except  Abu Sufyan due to his good relations with his family.


At a very stages of Islam, Hind's enmity to Islam and Muslims was of the greatest and most intense when prophet Muhammad started preaching the message of Islam publicly in Mecca.


Hind accompanied the Meccan forces to the Battle of Uhud. She was among the women who sang and danced, urging on their warriors.


During this battle, Jubayr ibn Mut'im bribed his slave Wahshy ibn Harb with manumission to kill Muhammad's uncle Hamza. Whenever Hind passed Wahshy, she called, "Come on, black man! Satisfy your vengeance and ours!" because Hamza was the one who had killed her uncle. Wahshy speared Hamza in the height of the battle; after Hamza had fallen, Wahshy returned to retrieve his spear and then left the battle. After the battle, Hind and the women went to mutilate the corpses of the dead Muslims. They cut off noses and ears and made them into necklaces and anklets (Hind gave hers to Wahshy). She gouged out Hamza's liver and bit into it; but she was unable to swallow the bite and spat it out. (Ibn ‘Abdu l-Barr states in his book "al-Istī‘āb" that she cooked Hamza's heart before eating it.) Then she climbed a rock and "shrieked at the top of her voice,


We have paid you back for Badr


And a war that follows a war is always violent.


I could not bear the loss of Utbah


Nor my brother and his uncle and my first-born.


I have slaked my venegeance and fulfilled my vow.


You, O Wahshy, have assuaged the burning in my breast.


I shall thank Wahshy as long as I live


Until my bones rot in the grave.

Hind then accepted Islam in the second day after the occupation of Makkah(Fatih Makkah) by the prophet(peace be upon him) when she said to his husband, Abu Sufyan that he should take her to the prophet to proclaim her Islam.

At the battle of Yarmouk, Hind played a very great role in the midst of the battle. She was very instrumental in the battle. She was among the women who turned the men back every time they ran away and fought, fearing that if they lost, the Romans would enslave them.


At one point, when arrows started raining down on Abu Sufyan and he tried to turn his horse away, Hind struck his horse in the face with a tent-peg and said: "Where do you think you're going, O Sakhr? Go back to battle and put effort into it until you compensate for having incited people in the past against Muhammad." An arrow later hit Abu Sufyan in the eye and he became blind.

She spent her life after she embraced as a Muhmeenah and striver in Allah's way till she died in the year fourteen of Hijrah. May Allah, the exalted be pleased with her




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