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Citing concerns about Shariah Law and terrorism, two residents urged Greeley City Council members Tuesday to prohibit construction of a mosque in town.

The Answardi Mosque, a small, 1,100-square-foot space, is planned for a 29th Street Road address off 11th Avenue.

City Council members, including Mayor Tom Norton, took no action on the request. Instead, they pointed to the city’s land use code and the U.S. Constitution. "The issues of course are much deeper than the building or location of a building," Norton said. "There are concerns and nervousness about the things going on in our country relative to religion, relative to race, relative to a number of things. However, we've worked hard to make the community all feel comfortable." Norton called for all residents to work together and work to understand each other.

Residents Sarah Carlson and Toy Archer had a different understanding.

Archer, who provided a handout to council members, said there were 11,000 Muslim residents in Greeley and said mosques aren’t really religious buildings.



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