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Ramlah bint Shaybah bin Rabiah bin Abd-Shams Al-Qurashiyyah Al-Abshiyyah. Shaybah was among the great enemies of Islam. He was killed in the battle of Badr as a disbeliever. Her mother was Umm Shareek bint Wakdaan bin Abd-Shams bin Abd-Wudd bin Nasir Al-Aamir Ibn Lu'ayy.

She was among those who early embraced Islam in Makkah and she pledged allegiance to Allah and His prophet(peace and blessings be upon him). She married to Uthman Ibn Affan, the third caliph of the prophet(peace be upon him), and migrated with him to Madinah. She had three daughters from Uthman. They Aishah, Umm Aban, and Umm Amr. Aisha bint Uthman was married to Marwan Ibn al-Hakam  They had a daughter who later married Musa Ibn Nusayr.


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