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Fatimah bintu Asad Ibn Hashim Ibn Abdul-Manaf. She was born in Makkah. She was born into a household that was the center of spirituality. Her grandfather Hashim b. Abd Manaf was the leader of Quraysh and keeper of Kaaba. He was a capable and generous man. He married a girl from his own family who gave birth to his son, Asad, who was father of Fatima Bint Asad. The Hashimi family in the tribe of Quraysh is well-known (famous) for its moral virtues and high (supreme) humanistic characteristics among the Arab tribes.


She was the wife of the Prophet’s uncle Abu Talib and the mother of Jafar ibn Abi Talib and Ali ibn Abi Talib. She also had two other sons, Aqeel ibn Abi Talib and Talib ibn Abi Talib.  When the Prophet’s mother died, Abu Talib and Fatimah bintu Asad raised him in their home like a son. Abu Talib used to hold prophet Mohammed(peace and Allah's blessings be upon him) as the example to the other children as he was always neat and dignified compared to the other boys. Abu Talib also realized that when prophet Mohammed(peace and Allah's blessings be upon him) ate with the other children, the food would be sufficient but when he didn’t eat with them, the food wasn’t enough for them.


Fatima bint Asad was also one of the first people to convert to Islam after the prophet Mohammed(peace and Allah's blessings be upon him) declared himself a prophet. She endured the three-year economic and social boycott in Mecca and migrated to Medina with the other Muslims.


She was not only like a mother to the Prophet(peace and Allah's blessings be upon him) but she was mother in law to his daughter Fatima and the mother of the fourth Caliph in Islam and one of the greatest Generals. She had many great roles.


When the Messenger of Allah(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was assigned the duty of prophet-hood, he was inflicted unbelievable tortures by the polytheists. This situation distressed Fatima very much and made her sad. She protected him with Abu Talib and did her best to make him forget the pains. She became a Muslim after a while. The Messenger of Allah(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) became very glad when fatimah, whom he liked as if she was his own mother, became a Muslim and forgot about his pains.


Fatima attained the honor of becoming a muhajir when she migrated to Madinah. However, what made her happier was the fact that she became the mother-in-law of the Prophet's beloved daughter, Fatima, whom he described as "a part of me". She regarded it a great honor. She did her best so as not to distress Fatima. They shared the tasks at home. They did their tasks in the best way and helped each other. They set an example about how a daughter-in-law and a mother-in-law should treat each other. Their getting on very well rejoiced both the Messenger of Allah(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and Ali.


The Prophet(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) showed her gratitude and duty of loyalty to Fatima bint Asad whenever it was possible. He frequently visited her, asked about her health and helped her. He did more than what a son would to his mother. He addressed her "mum" and mentioned her by saying "mum".


Four years passed after the Prophet(peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) migrated to Madinah. The Prophet, whose face always smiled, was sad one day. He expressed the reason for his sadness as follows: “My mum passed away today.”


According to Anas ibn Malik, when Fatima bint Asad passed away, the Prophet(peace and Allah's blessings be upon him) sat beside her and said, “My dear mother, may Allah keep you under His Protection. Many times you went hungry in order to feed me well. You fed me and clothed me on delicacies that you denied yourself. Allah will surely be happy with these actions of yours. And your intentions were surely meant to win the goodwill and pleasure of Allah and success in the Hereafter.” The Prophet(peace and Allah's blessings be upon him) used his shirt to cover her and lowered her into her grave himself. The only other people he did this for were his wife Khadijah (RA), his son born by Khadejah (RA) who died in infancy and Abdullah Mazni (Zulbajadain).


Fatima bint Asad was an exemplary women. She took extreme care of her husband and loved her children and above all the Prophet (S.A.W). She cooperated with Abu Talib wholeheartedly and she was a mother pure and simple where the safety and wellbeing of prophet Muhammad (peace and Allah's blessings be upon him) was concerned. No wonder he loved and respected her so highly. Fatima Bint Asad has the privilege to bring up  five of the Holy Masoomeen. They were Mohammad (S.A.W), Imam Ali (A.S), Fatima Zahra (A.S) and for a short time Imam Hasan (A.S) and Imam Hussein (A.S) too. Where as no other lady has this privilege. She was also a member of the privileged group who migrated to Madinah. May Allah be pleased with her.




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