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Abu Muhammad, Thabit Ibn Aslam Al-Bunanee. He is considered among the scholars of At-tabaqatu-r-Rabiah of the Tabaqah of the narrators of the traditions (Ahadith) of the prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

Tabaqah is a genre of Islamic biographical literature that is organized according to the century in which the notable scholars lived. Each century or generation is known as a Tabaqah, the plural of which is Tabaqat.


Thabit was born in the period of Muawiyah caliphate in Al-Basra, an Iraqi city located on the Shatt al-Arab between Kuwait and Iran.

He was an eminent and great memorizer of Hadith. He was an erudite narrator of hadith, a brilliant, celebrated and generous scholar. He was considered as a reliable and a great worshipper due to his devotion to Allah, the Most High. Imam Shamsudeen Ad-Dhahabi said: He was a leader of knowledge and pious.

Imam Ahmad said: Thabit was very accuracy in Hadith, he used to narrate. He was a Muhadith and among the reliable narrators of Hadith.

Abu Hatim stated, “The most proficient of Anas ibn Malik’s students were az-Zuhuree, Qatadah and Thabit al-Bunanee, in that rank.” Imam Ahmad Ibn Abdullah Al-Ajli said: " He was a reliable and a pious man. Hammad Ibn Zayd narrated from his father that Anas said: " every good has his own key,  Thabit is a keys of goodness. Imam Gaalib Al-Qataan said: who wish to look unto the pious of his time, he should look at Thabit. We do not meet who was pious than him."

He narrated from Zufar Ibn Al-Harith, Zayd Ibn Thabit, Abdullahi Ibn Saydan, Abu Musa Abdullah Al-Hamdaani, and from Ibn Malik Al-Ashjahi as stated by Al-Mizzi in Tahdhib-l-Kamaal. He also narrated form Anas Ibn Malik as mentioned above.

Thabit died in the period of caliph Khaleed Ibn Abdullah in Iraq.

 May Allah be pleased with him.


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