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Islam was and still a faith, a lifestyle and a powerful force by which individuals and societies can enjoy a high civilized life that achieves the happiness of mankind and elevates life to the highest levels of perfection and prosperity.

Throughout the Islamic history, Muslims significantly contributed to human knowledge in various fields through their inventions. This contribution was so great that the Islamic civilization has been the pioneer of the scientific, intellectual and cultural genius for a long period of time, with the West benefiting from its great achievements. In fact it is the Islamic civilization that led Europe out of the dark ages into the era of Enlightenment and gave rise to its Renaissance.

At a time when Europe was living in a state of darkness, ignorance, superstition and illusions, the books of Muslim scholars in the fields of medicine, mathematics, chemistry, geography and astronomy were taught in the mosques of Seville, Cordoba, Granada and elsewhere. The Western visitors to those schools were very impressed and interested in all the sciences they did not know in their countries.

Then the Westerners begun to translate the books of our Muslim scholars from Arabic to Latin. Soon later, these books were taught in Western universities for six centuries such as Al Qanoon Fil Tib (The Canon of Medicine )by Ibn Sina which was translated into Latin in the 13th century. It was considered the medical authority until the 17th century and was setting the standards for medicine in Europe.

In view of this, Muslims scientists were the great professors of Europe in the Middle Ages for at least six hundred years.


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