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All praise belong to Allah alone. May His peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad, his households, his companions, and all who follow them in good deeds.

This is a continuation of our previous article on the noble companion of the Prophet(peace be upon him) Zayd Al-Khayr, as the books of history gave another picture of Zayd al-Khayl after he embraced Islam.

When Zayd al-Khayl heard the news of the Prophet(peace be upon him) he made some of his own enquiries and then decided to go to Madinah to meet the Prophet(peace be upon him). With him was a big delegation of his people among whom were Zurr ibn Sadoos, Malik ibn Jubayr, ‘Aamir ibn Duwayn and others.

When they reached Madinah, they went straight to the Prophet's Mosque and tethered their mounts at its door. It happened that as they entered, the Prophet(peace be upon him) was on the minbar addressing the Muslims. His speech aroused Zayd and his delegation and they were also astonished by the rapt attention of the Muslims and the effect of the Prophet's words on them.

The Prophet's words had two different effects on Zayd al-Khayl and those with him. Some of them responded positively to the Truth and accepted it. Some turned away and rejected it. One of the latter was Zurr ibn Sadoos. When he saw the devotion of the believers to Muhammad(peace be upon him), both envy and fear filled his heart and he said to those with him:

“I see a man who shall certainly captivate all Arabs and bring them under his control. I shall not let him control me ever." He then headed towards Syria where it is said he shaved his head (as was the practice of some monks) and became a Christian.

The reaction of Zayd and others was different. When the Prophet(peace be upon him) had finished speaking, Zayd stood up, tall and impressive-looking in the midst of the Muslims and said in a loud and clear voice: "O Muhammad, I testify that there is no God but Allah and that you are the messenger of Allah." The Prophet(peace be upon him) came up to him and asked: [Who are you?]. I am Zayd al-Khayl the son of Muhalhil. The prophet(peace be upon him) then said: [from now on you are Zayd al-Khayr instead, not Zayd al-Khayl, Praise be to Allah Who has brought you from the hills and dales of your native land and softened your heart towards Islam]. Thereafter he was known as Zayd al-Khayr.

The Prophet(peace be upon him) then took him to his house. With them were Umar ibn al-Khattab and some other companions. The Prophet gave him a cushion to sit on but he felt very uncomfortable to sit on a high place in the presence of the Prophet and he returned the cushion. The Prophet(peace be upon him)  handed it back to him and he returned it to him. This happened three times. Eventually, when they were all seated, the Prophet(peace be upon him)  said to Zayd al-Khayr: [O Zayd, no man has ever been described to me and when I see him he does not fit the description at all except you. You have two characteristics which are pleasing to Allah and His Prophet].

"What are they?" asked Zayd. [Perseverance and sagacity], replied the Prophet.

Zayd said: "Praise be to Allah Who has given me what He and His Prophet like." He then turned directly to the Prophet(peace be upon him) and said: "Give me, O messenger of Allah, three hundred horsemen and I promise you that I will secure Byzantine territory with them."

The Prophet(peace be upon him) praised his fervor and said: [What kind of a man are you?!]

During this visit, all those who were with Zayd became Muslims. They then desired to return to their homes in Najd and the Prophet bade them farewell. The great desire of Zayd al-Khayr to work and fight for the cause of Islam, however, was not to be realized.

In Madinah al-Munawwarah at that time there was an epidemic of fever and Zayd al-Khayr succumbed to it and said to those with him: "Take me away from the land of Qays. I have the fever of small pox. By God, I shall not fight as a Muslim before I meet Allah, the Mighty the Great."

Zayd took the road to his people in Najd in spite of the fact that the sickness became more and more intense and slowed him down. He hoped at least to get back to his people and that they would become Muslims, through God's grace. He struggled to overcome the sickness but it got worse on him and he breathed his last on the way before reaching Najd. Between his acceptance of Islam and his death, however, there was no time for him to have fallen into sin.

May Allah be pleased with Zayd Al-Khayr, and all the companions of the Prophet(peace be upon him).


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