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Hudhayfah Ibn Al-Yaman (May Allah be pleased with him): 2.

This is a continuation on the story of Hudhayfah Ibn Al-Yaman.

Hudhayfah Ibn Al-Yaman continued explaining, he said: "That night, we were all seated in rows. Abu Sufyan and his men - the polytheists of Makkah - were in front of us. The Jewish tribe of Banu Qurayzah were at our rear and we were afraid of them because of our wives and children. The night was stygian dark. Never before was there a darker night nor a wind so strong. So dark was the night that no one could see his fingers and the blast of the wind was like the peel of thunder”.

"The hypocrites began to ask the Prophet (peace be upon him) for permission to leave, saying, 'Our houses are exposed to the enemy.' Anyone who asked the Prophet's permission to leave was allowed to go. Many thus sneaked away until we were left with about three hundred men.

"The Prophet (peace be upon him) then began a round of inspection passing us one by one until he reached me. I had nothing to protect myself from the cold except a blanket belonging to my wife which nearly reached my knees. He came nearer to me as I lay crouching on the ground and asked: “Who is this?” I replied: 'Hudhayfah'. “Hudhayfah?” he (peace be upon him) queried as I huddled myself closer to the ground too afraid to stand up because of the intense hunger and cold. 'Yes, O Messenger of Allah,' I replied. “Something is happening among the people (meaning the forces of Abu Sufyan). Infiltrate their encampment and bring me news of what's happening,” instructed the Prophet (peace be upon him).”

"I set out. At that moment I was the most terrified person of all and felt terribly cold. The Prophet (peace be on him) prayed:

[اللهمَّ احفظهُ من بينِ يديهِ، ومن خلفِه، وعن يمينه وعن شِماله، ومن فوقه ومن تحتِه].

['O Allah, protect him in his front and from behind him, from his right and from his left, from above him and from below him]. ( See: Marwiyaat Ghazwatil-Khandaq, 1/402, As-siratu-n-Nabawiyyah wa-d-dawah fil-A'adil-Madani, 1/440, Fiqh As-siratu-n-nabawiyyah, 1/492).

"By Allah, no sooner had the Prophet (peace be on him) completed his supplication Allah removed from my heart all traces of fear and from my body all the punishing cold. As I turned to go, the Prophet (peace be upon him) called me back to him and said: [Hudhayfah, on no account you should do anything among the people (of the opposing forces) until you come back to me]. Yes,' I replied. ( See: Marwiyaat Ghaziwatil-Khandaq, 1/402, As-siratu-n-Nabawiyyah wa-d-dawah fil-A'adil-Madani, 1/440, Fiqh As-siratu-n-nabawiyyah, 1/492).

"I went on, inching my way under cover in the darkness until I penetrated deep into the mushrikin camp and became just like one of them. Shortly afterwards, Abu Sufyan got up and began to address his men:

'O people of the Quraysh, I am about to make a statement to you which I fear would reach Muhammad. Therefore, let every man among you look and be sure who is sitting next to him ... '

"On hearing this, I immediately grasped the hand of the man next to me and asked, 'Who are you?' (thus putting him on the defensive and clearing myself). Abu Sufyan went on:

"O people of the Quraysh, by God, you are not in a safe and secure place. Our horses and camels have perished. The Banu Qurayzah have deserted us and we have had unpleasant news about them. We are buffered by this bitterly cold wind. Our fires do not light and our uprooted tents offer no protection. So get moving. For I am leaving.'

"He went to his camel, untethered and mounted it. He struck it and it stood upright. If the Messenger of God, (peace be on him), had not instructed me not to do anything until I returned to him, I would have killed Abu Sufyan then and there with an arrow.

"I returned to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and found him standing on a blanket of one of his wives performing Salat. When he recognized me, he drew me close to his legs and threw one end of the blanket over me. I informed him of what had happened. He was extremely happy and joyful and gave thanks and praise to Allah.

Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman became a confidant about the hypocrites and the caliphs used to return to him in their matter. Umar ibn al-Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him) used to ask if a Muslim died: "is Hudhayfah present in the prayer on him? If they say: Yes, he will pray the funeral prayer on him, and if they said: No, he will not pray on him.

Perhaps a few people know that Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman was one of the foremost Muslim military men in the battles of  "Nahawand", Daynawar, Amdhan and Ar-rayyi - great cities in Persia - and was the reason for the coming together of the Muslims on one Qur'an after they were almost separated on the book of Allah. His great role in the conquests of Persia was already a legend.

However, Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman was very fearful of himself from Allah, and His punishment.

May Allah have mercy on him. He was a unique role model of all people.


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