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The world becomes Decorated with the coming of Ramadan:

While campaigns are going on aiming at raising the levels of faith, and others seeking to improve behavior, and the third urges the rejection of bad habits, and the fourth calls to help the poor and the needy people, and others aim at reducing violence in areas plagued by conflicts ... The world receives the month of goodness (i.e. Ramadan).

In the following lines, we will relate to few of the many preparations for Ramadan.

The world in the month of Ramadan:

Under the headline "Participate with us in Ramadan", the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) has launched its annual campaign to deliver Islam to non-Muslims and to allow all followers of all religions in the United States to meet their Muslim counterparts on Ramadan.

CARE, the largest Muslim civil rights organization in the United States, called on all Muslims across America to participate in the program "share with us the Quran" initiative, which aims to give the Qur'an to US officials and decision-makers who attend Iftar of Ramadan (ceremonial evening meal at every sunset in Ramadan)  each year.

Larry Shaw, South Carolina's Democratic Senator and Chairman of CARE said: "Giving the invitation to many officials and members of the executive, leadership and local authorities to attend the Ramadan Iftar is a golden opportunity to give them a copy of the Qur'an to keep in their libraries ".

The two campaigns aim to counter the growth of Islam in the American society, after the researchers have revealed that anti-Muslim sentiment decreases as the opportunity to disseminate correct information about Islam and face-to-face contact with Muslims is made possible.

CARE helps Muslim communities in America to host Ramadan Iftar by providing detailed instructions on how to prepare the Iftar through distributing leaflets to the participants.

The Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was established in 1994 to promote greater understanding of Islam to the American community, the promotion of dialogue, the protection of civil liberties, the strengthening of American Muslims and building of alliances for the promotion of justice and mutual understanding. The Council currently has 32 branches and regional offices across the United States.

Ramadan free of smoking:

In the capital of Great Britain, London a campaign against smoking was launched, inviting Muslim smokers to quit this bad habit during the holy month of Ramadan. “If people can quit smoking for a month for religious reasons, this will be a good way to quit smoking in every other ways of life” said Mohammed Shakir, a member of the Islamic Center in East London.

The National Health Service in Tower Hamlets, East London, launched a campaign under the theme "Ramadan an opportunity to stop smoking," and states that  a similar campaign was launched last year, which witnessed the signing of more than 1000 citizens who have pledged to quit from smoking and most of them are members in the Islamic Center in the White Chapel of East London.

The campaign, which will continue during the month of Ramadan, includes free events such as medical screening programs for men and women at the Islamic Center in London, and estimation of the number of deaths due to smoking-related diseases is about 22% of all deaths in Tower Hamlets East London.

Helping thousands of people around the world:

In Malaysia, the Islamic Relief Foundation launched a campaign to help thousands of Muslims during the month of fasting around the world.

Abdullah Zawaher, chairman of the Islamic Relief Organization in Malaysia, said: “the agency plans to distribute commodities to 10,000 needy Muslims during the fasting month of Ramadan in Malaysia.

He added: “Similar programs are to be implemented simultaneously throughout the world through the branches of Islamic Relief in more than fifty countries, including the United States, Canada, Kosovo, Bosnia, Italy, France, Nigeria, Yemen and Indonesia.”

A move to maintain solidarity and good relations:

In Indonesia, an Islamic organization called the Muhammadiyah group called on Muslims to consider Ramadan as the starting point for national reconciliation in the country.

The leader of the group said: "The recent legislative and presidential elections in the country have created a spirit of division among the people, leading to many conflicts between groups and individuals, as well as the division of the state into several political affiliations".

He added: “The people have been divided because of political aspirations, and it is time to rebuild the brotherhood”.

He said that the Muhammadiyah group urges Muslims and the entire nation to maintain solidarity and good relations. Stressing the need of the nation to promote tolerance,  and cooperation in order to achieve a healthy national unity.


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