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The Elephant Tears The Calmness:

The calmness did not continue for long in Makkah.. when fear burst out from it mountains.. shaking its basin-shaped valley with restlessness.. Makkah is groaning under the feet of a fearful elephant.. and a huge army coming to demolish and crush the sacred house of Allah.. that army frightened the whole of Makkah from it far end to it other end.. the slaves and masters.. is like the army was rolling the mountains of Yemen and the dam of Ma’reb along.. the people of Makkah flee to the mountains.. they became divided in the reefs of Makkah.. It was more than they can endure.. but the leader of Quraysh Abdul Muttalib did not run.. he stood firm for them.. he went to army with his life to question them.

He said to their king[1]: “What brought you to us, why did you took the constrains to come, why didn’t you sent for us so that we bring to you all that you wanted?” The king replied: “I have been told about this house that anyone enters it attains safety, so I came to terrify its people”. Then Abdul Muttalib said: “We will bring you everything, so return”. He refused and insisted to enter Makkah, he moved some distance towards it, and Abdul Muttalib left behind and stood on a mountain and said: “I will not witness the destruction of the Ka’abah. He said: “O’ Allah every god has its own, so protect Your own, Do not let them to defeat You, O’ Allah if You allow them, then Do as You wish”.

So birds called Ababil approached like clouds from the sea, and overshadowed them.. About which Allah the Most High said in the Qur’an:

{تَرْمِيهِم بِحِجَارَةٍ مِّن سِجِّيلٍ}.

{Striking them with stones of hard clay} (Qur’an 105:4).

This makes the elephant to make a loud sound.. And they became like an eaten straw.[2]

They were real stones.. That was a heavenly punishment which burns and gets rid of one of the tyrants.  

Some of them were unable to escape.. at that time Aminah was undergoing delivery pains.. did these pains prevents her from running.. did her people left her alone to give birth to her son on the day of the elephant[3].. his people are scattered.. and his father has died.. death in the form of swords is surrounding his country.. I don’t know maybe.. but what happened was that she delivered a baby boy.. She delivered life for the world.. and death for inhumanity and astray.. Muhammad was born.. and the people of the elephant died.. the Qurysh people returned and met the Ka’abah safe.. secured by the angels and birds..

Aminah delivered this orphan after the death of his father, but what was the time frame between the death of his father and his birth? There is no tangible information on that.. he was born on Monday one of the days of Rabi’ul-Awal in the year of the elephant.. And that was 53years before the Migration.

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[1] Note: The name of this king was not mentioned, he might be Abrahata as Ibn Ishaq stated in some unauthentic reports, and Abu Nu’aym in ‘Addalail’ (144). It was said that: Abrahata sent a man named Sambar Masfud with an army of twenty thousand men… I don’t have any evidence that will support either of the two reports.

[2]  See: Alhakim (2/535).

[3]  It was reported by Ibn Abbas that: (the Prophet –peace be upon him- was delivered on the day of the elephant). See: Al-kashif (2/303).   



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