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Obstacles of Development in Africa and their Solutions.

The continent of Africa comes second to Asia in terms of population and area, with a population of 14.8% of the world's population according to the 2009 estimation. It has an area of approximately 30 million km2. The peoples of this continent have different cultures and languages as the African speak about1000 languages. Each tribe has its own language. Most of the countries of this continent gained their independence in the 1960s.

However, these countries did not have sufficient administrative and scientific expertise and skills to govern their countries, which resulted to many problems like poverty, ignorance and corruption. In this article we will talk about the obstacles of development in Africa and there solutions.

Obstacles of Development in Africa:

1 - Extreme poverty of many sub-Saharan African people.

2 - Civil wars and armed conflicts.

3 - Dangerous diseases that are spreading throughout the continent, such as malaria, pulmonary tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS, as some estimation pointed out that around 25% of African labor will be lost as a result of the disease by 2020.

4 - The dominance of international institutions and international forces over Africa.

5 - Marginalization of the role of women and failure to give them their rights in addition to harassing them in many of these societies.

6 - Absence of democratic freedoms.

7 - The prevalence of illiteracy in addition to the great number of individuals lacking of education and civilization.

8 - Ignoring the rights of minorities and failure to recognize them.

9 - Climate changes such as drought, floods, natural disasters and severe water scarcity.

10 - Significance increase in the number of refugees, which is estimated at about ten million refugees.

12 - Spread of famines and epidemics.

13 - Africa's heavy debt, which absorbs about 40% of the total African national income, and the dependence of this continent on debt, aid and loans significantly, which makes this continent suffers from the problem of dependency on the great countries.

Solutions to the Obstacles of Development in Africa:

1 - Elimination of illiteracy of different classes of people in Africa, especially the poor, as well as evolution of education and curricula to support the necessary requirements for individuals to become producers in the society.

2 - Learning of the technical and vocational skills that meet the needs of the labor market.

3 - Directing of economic and development policies towards the development and support of small-scale enterprise systems, with the aim to earn excess labor which the continent is suffering from.

4 - Improving health services for all classes of people in the society. Developing and supporting of social values in the hearts of the people of the society.

5 - Encouraging of large and medium enterprises to play their social and developmental role in order to ensure the improvement of life for all segments of the society.

6 - Ensuring of political empowerment for the poor by increasing their political awareness and activating their role in participating in the political elections and engaging in political programs that aim at achieving development in African societies.


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