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You May be the Biggest Problem in Your Life!

One of the most eloquent statements these days is: "Pray for me; I am in a severe state of distress." There is hardly no individual safes from suffering from a problem or a feeling of sadness, injustice or oppression.

Some of the problems we face are indeed reality, and the man may not have any impact in it. It is just a test, or a punishment due to the sins, such as an impotent son, an abusive brother, a cruel father, or otherwise, and if we cannot change our reality of live, but we can decide how we will live with these situations.

Often, our real problem lies in our way of thinking, our unfair consideration, and we proclaim patience on the scourge that the help of Allah is near. We live in hope of getting comfort, and we remain in misery. If we look fairly, we find that the source of the mistake is us, but yet we accuse anyone who tried to advise us with the worst words.

We hear and see who is crying badly on her condition and how she is suffering with her husband, and how she lives in misery and oppression, and that she is waiting for reward from God for her patience. She really feels that, but when we look at how she treats her husband, and how she is trying to abrogate his personality, so that she may be the commander of the house, we will be very overwhelming with sadness for him and vice versa also exists.

It is rare to hear the situation from the two conflicting parties, and the narration from the two of them would be in concordant with each other, because each party would narrate the situation from his own point of view, or narrate what may stand as witness for him and leaves what may against him. They both may be right, but each of them look at the matter from different angles. If we compile the views of both of them, and then, we try to understand them, the problem will eventually ends, and we will live happily.

Many problems we have is very easy and simple to solve, but it just needs to understand the personality of the husband or the wife, or the brother, or whom do I deal with, and abstain away from the red lines that may arouse the problem, and thus the problem ends.

In any problem you face, leave the door opens for thinking and self-accountability; you may be the one who do wrong or your anger has caught your eye with a gruffness that has made you unable to weigh things properly and equitably.

Finally, Take the advice of other, for the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), who is infallible person used to consult his wives and the companions and take their advice.


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