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The Appearance of Ahmad's (the Prophet) Star.

At that time some of those waiting with eagerness saw it.. there in Yathrib where Abdullah is lying down under the earth.. A man stood looking at the sky in contemplation.. Contemplating over the stars.. He was a Jew.. Maybe he was an  Astronomer.. The man called out on his people saying: "O Jews people! They all gathered to him and said: Woe on to you what is it? He said: The star of Ahmad with which he was born at this night has appeared". (Sirat ibn kathir 1\213).

That Jewish shout almost faded between the stars.. It almost got lost within the Jewish dark passages.. If not for the presence of a seven or eight year old boy who Allah brought to the incident and his legs drove him to it, so that he will report it to us after he had grown up and became an elder.. That boy was the great poet of Islam Hassan ibn Thabit (may Allah be pleased with him).. Therefore the Jews had knowledge of the coming of the Prophet.. They knew the date of his birth accompanied by astronomical events that will be seen in the sky.

This Jew was not the only one who saw this star.. There was in Makah a confused man.. Called Zaid ibn 'Amr ibn Nufail.. He used to look at the idols placed on top of the Ka'abah.. As the days passed by he gradually became certain of their uselessness and the backwardness of the brains of their followers and worshipers.. To him they are mere deaf, dumb and mute stones that cannot do anything.. Makah was filled with them and Zaid was fed-up with them.. So he searched for a place between the planes and hills.. Where he can be free and worship Allah alone.. Seeking for the truth.. Searching everywhere.. asking again and again and could not stop asking.. Until he found himself in the place of a scholar of the people of Sham(Syria).. He told him to return to Makah and said: "A Prophet has come forth in your country or will come forth, his star has appeared, go back and believe and follow him". (Sirat ibn kathir 1\212).

Here is Zaid ibn Thabit talking to us and saying: "The Jewish scholars of Bani Quraizah and Nadir used to mention the description of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), so when the red star appeared they the people that it is a Prophet, and that there will be no Prophet after him, and his name is Ahmad, his place of migration is Yathrib(Madinah), when the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) came to Madinah they rejected, envied and disbelieved" (Sirat ibn kathir 1\214).

The Jews have great knowledge in abundance.. But they do not pass to people except that which serves them and maintain their control.. They keep and hide any knowledge besides that behind one thousand locks and doors. They tried to wipe and suppress the star of Ahmad but they did not succeed.

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