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The Nursing and Suckling of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) 3.

This is a continuation of our last topic on the Nursing and Suckling of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) 2.

…That was exactly what happened to small Muhammad (peace be upon him).. People admiration towards this incident increased gradually.. They fabricated lies on this incident thinking that they are shadowing their Prophet with respect and dignity.. While he is not in need of them and their lies.. On the other hand, others denied it and said it was just a dream and not a reality.. what translation do you think they gave to the previous statement of Anas (may Allah be pleased with him) that he saw the marks of the split on his chest..? Yes he indeed saw it.. And he said the truth. It surly happened.

This was what made Halimah to return Muhammad to his mother after herring the story in fear for him.. Do you think she returned him because of a dream..? Also, the coming of the boys saying Muhammad has been killed... was that a dream? Did Muhammad placed them in his inner mind before he slept? If our brains refuse all the true reports just because we do not understand them, then there will be a disaster.

Small Muhammad returned to his mother Aminah.. His mother took him with her towards his mother's relations in Yathrib.. where he spent some time rejoicing and moving around.. As if he is saying: Wait for me Yathrib.. I shall return to you to give you a beautiful and everlasting name like the beauty of Monotheism and its lasting.

Then, Aminah returned with her child to Makkah.. When they arrived at a place called Al-Abwa'a between Makkah and Madinah they stopped.. They came down from the camel and the eyes of the child attached to his mother while she is feeling pain and groaning in front of him.. But he is incapable to less her pains.. His mother died and was buried before his eyes.. Far away from Makkah.. Far away from Abdul Muttalib.. Far away from his uncles.. Aminah was taken away from him to be buried underneath the earth.. And the child returned crying alone and grieving for the loss of his mother.

He returned to Makkah.. He returned to that small house.. moving his eyes to the silent corners of the house.. Here was where Aminah used to sleep.. And here was where she used to prepare his food.. And there was where she ued to play with him and make him laugh.. And in this place she used to was him with her hands.


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