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Choosing Islam

  Islamic Links & Resources







This is a site made by Islamway.com dedicated for the propagation of Islam to non-Muslims. It contains many articles and audios that are appropriate for those seeking to get an introduction to the Islamic religion. In addition to the introductory information about Islam, there is also a section for newly reverted Muslims and stories of how others came to Islam.  






This is the non-Muslims section of the site islamweb.com. Aside from having introductory articles about Islam, it also contains many articles that clarifies many misconceptions regarding the Islamic religion.






This section of the site islamhouse.com is dedicated for non-Muslims wanting to learn about Islam. Every file on this site can be downloaded by the visitor. It’s an excellent place for non-Muslims to listen to some of the beautiful recitations of the Qur’an.  






This website was made for the purpose of educating non-Muslims about the Islamic religion. There are many articles that address possible questions that may be in the minds of non-Muslims. There are also features that non-Muslims in North America may find beneficial; “visit a local mosque” and a “hotline number” to call and speak directly to someone.  






This site is an excellent resource not only for non-Muslims but also Muslims. It presents to the visitor the many societal contributions from Muslims throughout history.  






This is a website that presents Islam to the non-Muslim audience in a simple way. In addition to the many articles that address the many questions non-Muslims may have, there are also many audio and video files. This is a nice site to go if one prefers to listen or watch files rather than reading articles.  






This is a website for the Muslim Student Association at the University of Southern California. It does a nice job of presenting an in-depth introduction to the many topics about Islam. It also addresses the many common misconceptions people have about the Islamic faith.






This site has many appropriate articles for non-Muslims. Many of the articles address introductory topics about Islam. It also has a nice comparative religion section that distinguishes this site from the other sites available.






This is an excellent site for non-Muslims seeking to learn about the Islamic faith. It has many articles that present the Islamic perspective regarding many topics of the Islamic way of life.  There is also an excellent live chat program that the visitor can use to address his/her questions immediately.






The primary purpose of Islamic-Awareness website is to educate Muslims about the questions and issues frequently raised by the Christian Missionaries and Orientalists. You will find a variety of excellent articles and responses to missionary and orientalist writings. The material on this website is frequently updated with new articles, references and arguments.



IslamiCity website was launched in 1995. It provides a non-sectarian, comprehensive and holistic view of Islam and Muslims to a global audience. IslamiCity has evolved into one of the world’s leading online source of Islamic information and one of the largest Muslim e-Community, offering a wide range of information and services.

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