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The King Salman Humanitarian Aids and Reliefs Center KSRelief

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The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center KSRelief “has implemented a total of 257 projects since its establishment in 2015, via 119 local and international partnerships, which cost more than $895 million”, said Abdullah Al-Rabeeah the general supervisor of KSReief on Saturday 23/12/2017,  during a press conference at the headquarters of the Russian News Agency in Moscow, in the presence of the Saudi and Yemeni ambassadors to Russia, as well as reporters.

Al-Rabeeah said, “There have been 166 projects allocated to Yemen, implemented in all provinces in cooperation with local partners and specialized UN organizations, the projects include the medical sector, environmental sanitation, and programs for women and children”. He added that “All Yemeni ports are open to humanitarian, relief and commercial assistance”.

“Through KSRelief, the Kingdom has provided all types of relief and humanitarian assistance for needy 39 countries on four continents”, the KSRelief chief said.

He affirmed that the KSRelief humanitarian and relief efforts reached all Yemeni provinces including those controlled by the Houthi militia. “However, obstacles set in place by Houthis to discourage KSRelief from sending humanitarian assistance to all Yemeni people in the Houthi controlled provinces will not work”, he added.

He called on global humanitarian groups and the international community not to overlook areas besieged by the Houthi militias inside Yemen which are harboring millions of innocent people, including women, children and the elderly, who are trapped in those areas.

Referring to cholera in Yemen, he said: cholera has been an epidemic in Yemen for so many years now, due to the poor health infrastructure and standards. However, thanks to enormous efforts undertaken by the concerned parties supported by KSRelief, the rate of recovery has increased to more than 99.7 percent.

As a center, KS Relief coordinates with local and global partners to ensure the entry and distribution of aid to the needy in all parts of Yemen.

Referring to the Syrian crisis, he said: “the Kingdom was one of the first countries in supporting the Syrian people where it hosts 262,000 Syrian refugees as guests. It also allowed them to enter the labor market and provided free education for 114,000 Syrian students in its schools. The Kingdom also provided projects worth $800 million to help ease the sufferings of the Syrian refugees living in neighboring countries”. This shows the important and valuable role the kingdom Saudi Arabia is playing in the middle east and other parts of the world that needs to be recognized.



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